Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox: Is Microsoft's browser really faster?

  • Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox: Is Microsoft's browser really faster?

Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox: Is Microsoft's browser really faster?

Users found that trying to install a third-party browser that doesn't come from Microsoft's stable brought the message: "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows 10". For example, searching with Cortana always open Bing in Edge unless you install a third-party hack. Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox are two of the most popular browsers, and that has made it hard for Microsoft to convince users to opt for its Edge browser.

The good news is that The Verge has learned from sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that the warning message will not be included in the final version of the October 2018 Update. Apparently, Firefox still remains the more saintly browser of the big three.

The fact that his app recommendation feature is default might be irritating for some users, as they've long already decided they don't want anything to do with the Windows 10 default browser.

NetMarketShare has Chrome dominating the browser market with a 65.21 percent share, followed by Internet Explorer on 10.68 percent, Firefox with 9.76 percent, and Edge on 4.3 percent. Judging from the current implementation it will be opt-out which means that the intercepting prompts are displayed to all users by default who attempt third-party software installations. Meanwhile, another Twitter user reported the same issue with Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, and Firefox browsers.

While not as in your face as this new Edge test, Google has been known to promote Chrome when you visit their sites using a competing browser. Now Microsoft is about to get even more invasive, by showing a full alert message whenever you try to change the default browser. It shows a smiling person standing in front of the Edge logo, leading what is presumably their best life now that they've broken free of Chrome and Firefox.

Here's the amusing thing: Despite all these tricks, Edge only has about 4% of the browser market. Considering the popularity of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft's tact to shame users into using Edge isn't going to be well received.

WTF?! As demonstrated by the methods it used to get people onto Windows 10, Microsoft isn't averse to using shady tactics when pushing its products. Users should not be stripped of their ability to choose the browser they want.