Americans split on whether to confirm Kavanaugh — CNN Poll

  • Americans split on whether to confirm Kavanaugh — CNN Poll

Americans split on whether to confirm Kavanaugh — CNN Poll

After two marathon days questioning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, senators concluded his confirmation hearing Friday by listening to others talk about him - friends stressing his fairness and warmth but opponents warning he'd roll back abortion rights and shield President Donald Trump.

Well, Kamala Harris never really got to any kind of point. Women are less likely to view Kavanaugh's views as mainstream, with only 34% who say so - 10 percentage points less than men.

If these childish antics and partisan outbursts appeared to be a well-coordinated effort on the part of Democrats to obstruct the confirmation of Kavanaugh, it's because they were. She called Kavanaugh's responses "forthcoming" - a comment that infuriated progressive critics.

The board then highlighted Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings in which he bobbed and weaved multiple questions.

Despite stark differences, both seem to have accomplished what they needed to in the high-profile hearing. "Come November, voters can make that fear come true". She is up for re-election in 2020.

Numerous current president's critics on the left insist that they are standing up for norms of democratic conduct and for democracy itself.

At the Kavanaugh sessions, the disruptions began several minutes after Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley gaveled the hearing open on Tuesday.

Harris moved on quickly, peppering Kavanaugh with an aggressive series of rapid-fire questions on everything from gay marriage rights to separations of illegal immigrant families at the border.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) questioned Kavanaugh Sept. 6 "is there anything in the Constitution about a right to abortion?"

Sarsour said the arrests during the hearing showed the "level of dissent" over Trump's nomination of Kavanaugh, a conservative judge, for a lifetime Supreme Court seat.

Supreme Court justices must be impartial in ruling on constitutional checks and balances, .

Documented Co-Director and Center for Media and Democracy President Lisa Graves previously served as U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy's chief nominations counsel.

Kavanaugh refused to say whether he had "the greatest respect" for Trump, a phrase Booker said he had used when describing Bush. Someone also took the step of leaking many other emails to The New York Times. In what nearly seemed like a celebration Thursday, Kavanaugh's two daughters returned to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room for the final hours of testimony, accompanied by teammates on Catholic school basketball teams their father has coached.

On Thursday night, Harris offered some more information about the foundation for her line of questioning.

Meanwhile, Feinstein was far more low-key, at least in public. But that's not what people watching the hearing saw.

"When he (Nicholas) fell over, I fell over with him", she said. "We believe an indictment should not be pursued while the President is in Office", Kavanaugh wrote.

"The way we stand up is by deciding cases and controversies independently without fear or favor", Kavanaugh said.

In Durham, Mindy Woerter said she traveled to Washington to meet with Collins and tell her about an abortion she had because the fetus she was carrying had a fatal anomaly. Feinstein went further the next day, rebuking Republicans for restricting the use of so numerous documents, calling it "kind of a crock".

Kavanaugh replied: "Senator, the Supreme Court has recognized the right to abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, has reaffirmed it many times". "And that's why I have to go through Iowa". "I don't live in a bubble. I guess he did not want to deal with the reality of gun violence". Activists have raised almost $400,000 for Collins' opponent in her 2020 re-election campaign if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh; the money will be returned to donors if she votes against his nomination.

Nonetheless, Booker garnered some of the national spotlight, as well as the mockery of some of his Republican colleagues on the committee. Sen. Kevin de Leon and is widely expected to win re-election to a fifth full term. For this, she was predictably skewered by progressives.

The former San Francisco mayor may not produce the red meat the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is demanding right now, but that has proven to be one of her strengths as a politician in almost three decades in Washington.

Klobuchar also pressed Kavanaugh on his view of executive power and whether the president is above the law. Trump later backed away from the statements.