Magnitude 6.9 quake hits Indonesia, killing 82

  • Magnitude 6.9 quake hits Indonesia, killing 82

Magnitude 6.9 quake hits Indonesia, killing 82

Local disaster officials said 358 tourists had been evacuated so far.

Officials initially reported that at least three people had been killed. Red Cross workers moved people to higher ground and advised people in coastal areas to leave due to tsunami concerns, said agency spokesman Arifin M Hadi.

"Even in the capital, which is one and a half hours drive away, people are very anxious about damage to the buildings". There's no water, no food, the shops have been ransacked.

Police said the death toll had risen to 98 and warned it will continue to increase. A number of mosques on that island have collapsed with worshippers inside them.

"You're safe, mister", said one of the soldiers as emotion overcame the man, clad in Islamic robes, and villager s crowded around him.

"We need heavy equipment because some mosques have collapsed and we suspect some worshippers are still trapped inside", he told Metro TV.

"I guess the question for the Balinese people who rely very heavily on tourism is, is the combination of all these factors adding in the terrorism risk, is that enough to deter people and I guess we really don't know the answer to that question". The quake claimed more than a dozen lives.

In a telegram sent to Indonesia's Church and civil authorities, the Holy Father said he felt "great sadness" when informed of the "tragic loss of life and destruction of property caused by the earthquakes". The first quake was also felt on Bali.

Almost 100 people died and almost 300 were injured in the destruction and chaos following the quake on Sunday, with thousands of buildings damaged and power and communications lines cut across the island. On Lombok, soldiers and other rescuers carried injured people on stretchers and carpets to an evacuation centre.

Many victims were treated outdoors because hospitals were damaged.

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An initial tsunami warning of waves of up to half a metre was issued following the quake but later withdrawn.

"Later I stopped a auto and I asked a local to please take me and my family to the airport and he said "Okay no problem".

"All the hotel guests were running, so I did too".

Sutopo said there were no fatalities among the local and foreign holidaymakers.

He was working on his laptop in his hotel room on the 10th floor when the room suddenly shook violently.

"Mate, we were knocked certainly to the floor".

Airports in both Lombok and Bali are still operational, House of Travel product and channel director Dave Fordyce said.

"We are cutting short our holiday because I can't walk and we're just not in the mood anymore", said the 26-year-old, sitting on a trolley at the airport with his leg bandaged.

Like its famous neighbor Bali, Lombok is known for beaches, mountains and a lush interior.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because of its location on the "Ring of Fire", an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin. In late 2004, a magnitude 9.1 quake off the island of Sumatra triggered a tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in various nations around the Indian Ocean.