Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy Note 8: Should you upgrade?

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy Note 8: Should you upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy Note 8: Should you upgrade?

You won't be surprised to hear that all of the major carriers are getting in on the Galaxy Note 9 this year.

The stylus has been given a Bluetooth update; but what mysterious new functionality will that provide, I hear you ask? With the Galaxy Note9, all you'll need is a compatible USB-C to HDMI adapter and you can continue to use your phone while you're presenting a video or PowerPoint slide on the big screen.

This latest offering may reprise numerous major features and design elements of the Note 8, but we loved the Note 8, and still do. In the near future, the company will work to add even more support, especially in third-party apps. And with the microSD expansion option, you can bring that up to a total of 1TB. It'll also be sold unlocked by Samsung, as well as at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam's Club, Straight Talk Wireless, Target, and Walmart.

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To claim your gift, you will need to log into the Shop Samsung app and submit your details by September 13. Another figure that does stand out is storage - the Note9 now starts at 128GB, and there's also a 512GB SKU. It was Samsung's redemption product that packed a nice little punch. In fact, more often than not, the Note line has been the breeding ground for features that will become standard on future models, such as the curved display of the Note Edge or the dual camera of the Note 8. This is the largest yet on a Samsung flagship and it's 700mAh more than the Galaxy Note8 and 500mAh more than the Galaxy S9+. New for the Note 9 is a intelligent camera system that uses AI to perform object recognition and detect blinks, notifying the user immediately if a shot is blurry or other issue. We don't know how much storage it'll have for music. This allows you to switch between f/2.4 for outdoor environments to a faster f/1.5 in low light scenes. Although the S9+ isn't a top scorer on DxOMark Mobile, it is still one of the best cameras you'll find on a smartphone. It will have a "daily briefing" feature and the watch can sync with your calendar and show your appointments on the home screen. Not unlike the Huawei P20 Pro's Master AI feature, Scene Optimiser lets the Note 9 recognise and enhance up to 20 different scenes. Lovers of the game would get an exclusive Note 9 character skin, or alternative appearance for characters. Thankfully, Samsung hasn't killed the headphone jack so you can still plug in your favourite headphones. At today's launch event in NY, we are expecting to see an edge-to-edge display, a powerful dual camera and Samsung's trademark S-Pen.

Hardcore Note users will be able to appreciate the S Pen improvements.

Packing 21 per cent more battery life than its predecessor, more is definitely more with this phone. If that's not enough, the 512GB storage version priced at RM4,599 is still quite competitive when compared to the iPhone X which maxes out at 256GB.