NCAA announces major rule changes coming to college basketball

  • NCAA announces major rule changes coming to college basketball

NCAA announces major rule changes coming to college basketball

Change is coming to college basketball.

However, one set of rules announced by the NCAA on August 8 will have a direct impact on Texas basketball soon enough.

First, it will allow players who have "request (ed) an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation, participate (d) in the NBA combine and aren't drafted" to return to school and participate in college basketball again.

USA Basketball doesn't have the infrastructure or interest in accepting the role of evaluating the nation's top prospects for a yet-to-be-determined number of players who will annually be allowed to sign with agents at the end of their junior years, sources told ESPN. That player that is not selected would have to inform their schools by 5 p.m. the following Monday after the NBA Draft takes place.

The changes reflect the recommendations made in April by the Rice Commission and will target summer recruiting camps, agent access for players and stiffer penalties for rule breakers. "It's just dumb. The market would be set". While that appears to be the direction the league and union are headed, discussions are centered on the 2022 National Basketball Association draft as the earliest.

"We will review the NCAA's planned reforms and continue to assess, along with our players' association, the potential for any related NBA rules changes", NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.

No schools were mentioned, but two Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, one in September and another in April, have identified recruiting practices that violate NCAA rules involving prospects who wound up at several schools, including Kansas.

"Presidents and chancellors join all athletics staff in personally affirming the athletics program meets obligations for monitoring rules compliance, which is required to be eligible for the postseason", the new rules state.

ESPN's Jonathan Givony was trying to get to the bottom of the rule changes, and he initially noted some confusion about what was going on.

They've also been deemed to deserve nothing more, like payment, from the multi-billion dollar industry.

"It's amateur hour. There's a difference between change and improving the situation". "I don't think it addresses any of the issues in college basketball. It doesn't fix anything".