Jon Favreau's 'Star Wars' Series Rumored to Begin Production in October

  • Jon Favreau's 'Star Wars' Series Rumored to Begin Production in October

Jon Favreau's 'Star Wars' Series Rumored to Begin Production in October

According to the earnings call, the new Disney streaming service will be cheaper than Netflix. Also, tv show spinoffs for Lady and The Tramp, Monsters Inc.

Mandalore played a significant role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which could suggest a tie between Favreau's live-action series and the animated Clone Wars series, which will return for a new season on the same Disney app. Disney's television networks also saw gains, including at ESPN, despite the higher National Basketball Association costs and lower advertising revenue. Set for release on December 16, 2016, the movie will explore the characters and events beyond the core Star Wars saga, according to Disney. Disney has seen "noticeable improvement in the rate of (subscriber) loss in each of the last four quarters", he said.

ESPN's highly profitable operation has been under pressure in recent years as consumers cut the cord and flock to such streaming services as Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

Iger said that Disney was "obviously very excited" about bringing 21 Century Fox content to the new service once the acquisition of Fox's entertainment assets closes, but added that the company remained "incredibly supportive and enthusiastic" about theatrical distribution of movies. However, those hoping to stream most of the franchise's films will find that they'll be missing from the service - at least, at first. This implies as more movies and TV shows join the service, the price will go up. People around Hollywood are calling it DisneyFlix, but that's not official.

Disney released the details and launch date of what will likely become the biggest competitor to Netflix and Hulu in their own streaming service.

They will make sure to connect all the dots and get everything in order for your next Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or any Disney Destination vacation while saving you time, stress, and money. If Disney follows the formula it set up with ESPN, it will be Disney+.

Iger told analysts in the Q&A session following the results announcement that Disney would "walk before we run" in terms of building content for the service and added that the Disney OTT offering would "not have anything close to the volume that Netflix has". They also have the Netflix name all over them, so it won't be easy for Disney to take them.