Republican narrowly scrapes ahead in dramatic OH congressional race

  • Republican narrowly scrapes ahead in dramatic OH congressional race

Republican narrowly scrapes ahead in dramatic OH congressional race

Although the razor-thin race had not been called by any major news organizations, and was automatically going to a recount, Balderson, 56, delivered a victory speech and both the National Republican Congressional Committee and Trump put out statements declaring victory for their preferred candidate. "We are in a tie ballgame".

With all precincts counted late on Tuesday night, United States time, Republican candidate Troy Balderson was approximately 1800 votes ahead, putting him on track for a victory of around one percentage point.

The close race in the OH special election became a referendum on Trump's leadership and a last chance to gauge Democratic strength ahead of November's midterm elections.

O'Connor needed Franklin County - which includes the state capital of Columbus - to come out strongly for him in order to topple his Republican rival.

While Democrats will be disappointed that were not able to claim an outright victory, the tight margin will still be a reason for optimism.

Cook writes Democrats likely don't need to win the 1st District - or any of the others in "blue tsunami" territory - to take back control of the House of Representatives.

Outside GOP groups spent millions to keep a House seat that had been in GOP hands for over three decades, winning by such a slim margin that news outlets wouldn't call the race even as President Donald Trump was bragging about it on Twitter.

The narrow margin will be little comfort for Republicans anxious about the prospect of a Democratic wave heading into the November 6 elections, and it is certain to encourage Democrats who performed dramatically better than expected in a district Republicans have represented since the early 1980s. Appearing at a polling place on election day, the Republican candidate milled around a parking lot for several minutes, waving and saying hello to passersby without making any attempt to ask for their votes.

But Trevor Moffitt, a public health doctoral student at Ohio State University who voted for O'Connor, said he felt like Balderson's attacks on Democrats went too far.

Other Republicans had also rushed to Balderson's aid.

"It's closer than originally thought, but it's a challenging midterm environment", said one national Republican strategist involved in the race.

Balderson, for his part, was hardly a top-notch campaigner. Those mild criticisms were sufficient to earn him a belated endorsement from Kasich.

Cunningham raised more money than Arrington in the second quarter, and he has picked up some support in the coastal district because of the Republican's past support of offshore drilling. Debbie Stabenow. Trump endorsed James, who also had support from many in the GOP establishment in his race against self-funding venture capitalist Sandy Pensler.

O'Connor has dominated Balderson on the local airwaves. He insisted that he would not support Nancy Pelosi for speaker and his talking points focused on defending social security and Medicare and criticizing the corporate components of the 2017 Republican tax cut bill.

"I'm just exhausted of the rhetoric of 'They're the bad guys, we're the good guys, "' said Moffitt, 29.