'Bachelorette' victor Garrett Yrigoyen addresses Instagram scandal following Becca Kufrin engagement

  • 'Bachelorette' victor Garrett Yrigoyen addresses Instagram scandal following Becca Kufrin engagement

'Bachelorette' victor Garrett Yrigoyen addresses Instagram scandal following Becca Kufrin engagement

Why the Maldives? Because, as Becca explains, it's the ideal place to finally tell one of the men that she loves them (also, money).

With that said, Reality Steve reported, before the beginning of the season, that, though there were rumors Horstmann was the victor, Kufrin picks Yrigoyen. Or maybe they "got through it" with Kufrin saying, "Oh, I'm sure you didn't mean it", and Yrigoyen replying, "Yeah babe, no way!" and then they high-fived each other.

"At that point it wasn't emotional, it was just two adults sitting down, wishing each other the best and talking through our experiences", she noted.

Here's how it worked: Harrison asked a softball question about how Kufrin and Yrigoyen's life has been since the show aired, a clearly prearranged opening for them to discuss the controversy.

"Sorry fellas, she's off the market, she's all mine!"

From receiving the first impression rose in the premiere to the last rose in the finale, Yrigoyen has been a standout this season.

The contestant who wound up proposing on Monday night's finale also found himself in the middle of an Internet firestorm, when it was discovered he liked sexist, transphobic and anti-immigrant posts, as well as ones mocking Parkland shooting survivors, on Instagram.

When asked to clarify if he does not believe the messaging reflected in numerous posts he liked, Yrigoyen said, "No, I did not". Upon arrival, Becca tells her family that she loves both Garrett and Blake and while her family Googles whether bigamy is legal in the Maldives, Uncle Chuck reminds viewers that they saw Becca get publicly dumped by Arie last season, so it's all uphill from there, right?

By contrast, Blake was dry-eyed although he claimed to love Becca just as much. "He is everything I could ever want".

Horstmann arrived at the final ceremony first (which any "Bachelor" fan knows is a telltale sign). She said that he was incredible, kind and couldn't wait for him to meet her family. Kufrin cried to her sister that she always felt that Horstmann would be the one, but then Yrigoyen crept into her heart. Her reply that nothing had changed, but that Yrigoyen was the best fit for her. Horstmann then said, "I love you", before he walked away. He told her he loves her and that she's making a mistake, before admitting he knew this was how it would end. The Bachelorette gives us no way to know.

"I was right there with you". "I do wish you all the happiness", he told her sadly.

He was inconsolable walking back to the limo, while Kufrin had a breakdown of her own.

Little did I know that this revelation would ruin the entire finale for me.

"You weren't wrong though".

Kufrin is all too familiar with that feeling. She takes a deep breath and says, nah. Blake is stunned. "I still wanted to find my partner, and I wasn't going to let anything stop me". Yrigoyen then stepped in with a practiced reply. "There was countless amount of people reaching out to my family, to my friends, and trying to get to the bottom of who I was as a person and attacking my character". "It was something unexpected and it was a shock to me", Kufrin said.