South Sudanese government and rebels sign peace deal to end conflict

  • South Sudanese government and rebels sign peace deal to end conflict

South Sudanese government and rebels sign peace deal to end conflict

President Uhuru Kenyatta Wednesday met Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Sudan, who briefed the Head of State on the progress being made towards the restoration of peace and stability in South Sudan especially as regards the recent Khartoum Peace Agreement.

Still, Ahmed said the parties disagree on the power-sharing at the level of local governments, but they are determined to solve the issue before the final signing of the document on August 5.

Fuelled by personal and ethnic rivalries, the conflict has killed tens of thousands, displaced an estimated quarter of South Sudan's population of 12 million and ruined its economy that heavily relies on crude oil production.

The warring parties last month signed a preliminary powersharing deal which they are expected to finalise in Khartoum on Sunday, that will see Machar return to a unity government as the first of five vice presidents.

"We are supporting any initiative to bring peace to South Sudan and we hope this process will continue comprehensively", US Charge D'affaires in Khartoum, Steven Koutsis, told reporters after Sunday's deal was signed.

The South Sudan Opposition Alliance and the FDs surprisingly were among the signatories of the agreement on the outstanding issues on governance without reservations.

South Sudan became independent from Sudan in 2011, but civil war broke out two years later between the government led by Kiir and a rebel movement led by former vice president Riek Machar.

The power-sharing deal stipulates that there will be 35 ministers in the bloated transitional government, including 20 Kiir allies and nine backers of Machar along with representatives of other rebel factions.

According to the agreement, the commission will work for three months in an attempt to resolve the issue, and if it fails, a referendum will be held before the end of the third month.

"I would urge. IGAD to focus after this on the implementation of the agreement", Machar said in his address. "So there are so many things need to be done".