Pres. Trump Hosts MAGA Rally In Ohio

  • Pres. Trump Hosts MAGA Rally In Ohio

Pres. Trump Hosts MAGA Rally In Ohio

While Donald Trump's presidency may have contributed to Democrats and Republicans growing further apart, it also seems to have widened the gap between the pro-Trump wing of the GOP, and the anti-Trump wing of the same party.

Trump will be appearing in Delaware Ohio this Saturday, August 4, for a campaign rally in support of Republican state Sen.

Though boisterous and bellicose, Trump steered clear of the trouble he stirred up the night before when he blasted one of Ohio's favorite sons, LeBron James on Twitter, questioning James' intelligence.

Trump critic Susan Lindquist says she's trying to change one person's mind at a time about the president, who she says is destroying the country. "But in the general election, Democrats all hate Trump and among Independents he's mostly upside-down", Murphy said on NBC's "Meet the Press".

But despite state GOP efforts to avoid referring to Trump, when all is said and done it is still the Party of Trump - and, on a historical basis, the Party of John Rowland, Lowell Weicker, and Jodi Rell.

Trump's comments aimed at the Kochs came days after the brothers' network criticized the president for creating division at home and escalating trade wars overseas. "And I became president and they didn't". The seat was vacated by Republican Rep. It was unclear Saturday why Hicks, who left the White House in March, was accompanying the president's team.

"I asked him, I said, 'Troy, why- Did you invite Trump in here?"

Trump also blamed the news media for incorrectly reporting that he was backing Rep. Steve Stivers in the special election - even though Trump himself in recent days had inadvertently tweeted his support for Stivers, who is in a different race, before correcting himself.

Trump was traveling Saturday to OH to hold a rally for state Sen. Troy Balderson, who is facing Democrat Danny O'Connor, the Franklin County recorder, in Tuesday's special election to fill a vacant U.S. House seat.