OSU football coach Urban Meyer says he followed protocol

  • OSU football coach Urban Meyer says he followed protocol

OSU football coach Urban Meyer says he followed protocol

Meyer's initial comments on the subject-the denial that's coming back to haunt him today-came a day after former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy, who's broken every wrinkle of the story, wrote that Zach Smith had been served an order of protection in 2018.

At issue are domestic abuse allegations leveled against former OSU assistant wide receivers coach Zach Smith, whose ex-wife Courtney accused of engaging in a years-long pattern of physical abuse leading up to, and on the night of, their separation in October 2015. At Big Ten media days last week, Meyer had denied any knowledge of the incident. "My words, whether in a replay to a reporter's question or in addressing a personnel issue, must be clear, compassionate and most of all, completely accurate".

"Unfortunately, at Big Ten Media days on July 24, I failed on many of these fronts", he said in his statement.

Urban Meyer says his intention at media day was not to say anything inaccurate and he apologized. "However, I was not adequately prepared to discuss these serious personnel issues with the media, and I apologize for the way I handled those questions". "All I know is I never hit my wife". He said never assaulted his wife and any physical injuries she might have suffered were the result of him defending himself.

Meyer issued his first remarks about the situation in a statement on Twitter Friday evening. Meyer and Zach Smith both added essential pieces to their sides of the story that was mainly being told through the reporting of Brett McMurphy, and it happened nearly in unison as Zach Smith sternly said he.

Zach Smith was arrested for battery of Courtney Smith in 2009.

Zach Smith was sacked from Ohio State in July after he was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass during a dispute with Courtney Smith.

"Think back to the cheating the lies and picking me up by my neck and strangling me in Punta Cana and at our place in April", Courtney texted to Zach. How does Meyer rationalize keeping a man his wife, Shelley, said scared her?

"I was never told about anything". What is this? What is this?' And I told him, I laid it all out for him. He said he would address questions in a public forum "at the appropriate time".

Meyer said he will fully cooperate with investigators. "What is this?" Smith told him his ex-wife was trying to get him charged with domestic abuse; he also said he had voluntarily spoken to police.

Meyer posted a 73-8 record, including one national championship, during his seven seasons at Ohio State.

We now need to hear from Gene Smith and learn the verdict of Ohio State's "independent" investigative committee - a panel that includes three university trustees.