Police name suspect in murder of former Bush doctor Mark Hausknecht

  • Police name suspect in murder of former Bush doctor Mark Hausknecht

Police name suspect in murder of former Bush doctor Mark Hausknecht

She died during surgery more than two decades ago.

A manhunt is underway for Joseph James Pappas, 65, who is suspected of shooting Mark Hausknecht, 65, on July 20, police said.

The suspect is considered armed and unsafe, and reportedly made phone calls in which he discussed committing suicide. Pappas' house, in which no one was found Wednesday, is in an older, established neighborhood in southwest Houston.

Acevedo said the suspect regularly rode a ten-speed bicycle and described him as "very fit".

The friend called police out of concern and when officers arrived at Pappas' home to conduct a welfare check, he was nowhere to be found. Acevedo asked anyone who spots Pappas to call 911, rather than confront him directly, because "he is considered to be armed and unsafe", adding that Pappas possesses more than one firearm.

He believes Pappas had been planning the murder for quite some time.

"Pappas is considered to be armed and extremely unsafe", said the Houston Police on Twitter. "The shots that he took, took some skill".

State records show Pappas had license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement for 30 years. Earlier this week, Pappas sent a text message to a person expressing thoughts of suicide.

"We need to find this guy".

While Texas police called on the public for help finding Pappas, they also urged caution.

Acevedo explained that residents close to the shooting examined their home security video, and police were able to obtain an image on Monday that led to Pappas's identification through additional tips.

The doctor was riding his bike to his job at Methodist Hospital when he was shot. Investigators believe he then rode ahead of the victim before shooting him three times.

The brazen shooting happened during the morning rush hour.

"You do not escape from the Med Center in a vehicle, it's extremely congested you know, so a bike was like the ultimate way to really go very quickly out of the neighborhood", said a resident who lives on Southgate who didn't want to be identified.

Among those patients was former President George H.W. Bush, who appeared next to Hausknecht during a 2000 news conference at the hospital after being treated for an irregular heartbeat.

The family of Dr. Mark Hausknecht released a statement Thursday asking for the public to look hard at the photo of the suspect in their loved one's killing. "We are relieved that the Houston Police Department has identified the suspect and are confident he will be apprehended soon".

"Let us keep the family of Dr. Hausknecht in our prayers as they begin the long road to healing".