Smoking now banned in public housing

  • Smoking now banned in public housing

Smoking now banned in public housing

All lit tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and pipes in all public housing living units, common areas, and offices are banned under the rule.

"You have the second-hand smoke dangers, but also the time and the cost of turning around a unit where a family has been smoking", says D.J. Haynes, the Parkersburg Housing Authority's Executive Director. New Yorkers can lose their apartment if they violate the smoking ban.

The ban does not apply to e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco. "They have more things to fix than telling somebody they can't smoke", Robinson said. Officials say the new rule is to help stop people from being exposed to secondhand smoke.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development officially banned smoking on February 3, 2017 and provided an 18-month implementation period for all public housing authorities. That's something tenants have told us they're anxious about.

The new smoking ban provides an extra level of protection.

"Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy life, and ensuring homes are free from the risks of secondhand smoke is a critical step for the health of residents", said American Lung Association Health Promotion Specialist Julian Collins MS, CHES. Tenants will not be evicted for a single instance of smoking, but could face eviction after several smoking violations.

So far, HUD said about 600 of its public housing agencies have already implemented smoke-free policies.