Help Galaxy Note 9 Will Have This Futuristic Feature

  • Help Galaxy Note 9 Will Have This Futuristic Feature

Help Galaxy Note 9 Will Have This Futuristic Feature

We have already seen countless leaked renders of the Galaxy Note 9's S Pen.

According to SamsungMobile.News the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will feature a significantly improved heat dissipation system with "almost half of the right side of the device covered with copper tubes".

It's a simple fact that smartphones, specifically made by the larger, more popular phone companies, are getting more expensive. Another, more important question mark surrounding the Galaxy Note 9's launch is the price.

Anywhere between £950 and £1,150 is what current rumors mention for the price tag of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy Note 9 next week, but leaks surrounding the smartphone are still coming in from all corners.

That's the 128GB Note 8, with the 512GB model also listed as 17,500,000 IDR - converting to £926 and $1,214. On the design front, the newer S-pen appears to be more angular, while holding a unique colour profile. It's still unclear how much the phone will cost at launch, but a new leak at least gives us some hope that Samsung has learned from its mistakes with the S9 launch. Since this is probably just a local promotion, the Galaxy Note 9 may arrive with a different set of gifts in other markets.

The latest price leak could bring some better news, however.

In an image render, the S-Pen from Galaxy Note 9 has been spotted, alongside the stylus of Galaxy Note 8. We posted recently that for the first time the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will support Dex Mode ( a desktop PC experience designed for mouse and keyboard when connected to a big screen) without being placed in a dock with active fan cooling. Notably, the images do not reveal anything about the specifications of the Galaxy Note 9 variants.