Longest lunar eclipse on July 27

  • Longest lunar eclipse on July 27

Longest lunar eclipse on July 27

Lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan is a phenomenon when Earth is aligned (falls in a line) directly with the Moon and the Sun, while the orbit of the Moon brings the orb into the Earth's shadow. Some light, though, still reaches it because it is bent by the Earth's atmosphere. Nearly all the people on the planet will be able to see it.

Although the lunar eclipse is expected to last 103 minutes, observers in the United Kingdom and Ireland will not be able to catch the start as the moon will still be below the horizon. That will make it appear slightly smaller than normal.

Mid-eclipse is at 21.21 BST and the "total" phase of the eclipse ends at 22.13. The Moon swings out of the Earth's shadow during the final hour of the event.

In Dunedin, the interval was reduced to four minutes; in Christchurch, three minutes.

A Total Lunar Eclipse unfolds as follows: About 20 minutes before the Moon is scheduled to enter the shadow zone, the eastern edge of the Moon becomes slightly dusky, indicating that the shadow region is nearby. "A narrow strip of the Moon turns ash-blue colour", he added. Earth's air also scatters more shorter-wavelength light (in colors such as green or blue); what's left is the longer-wavelength, redder end of the spectrum. The moon will appear blood red as it will be completely eclipsed by the Earth starting 8:14 PM on Friday.

According to CNN, the moon will be in flawless alignment with the sun and Earth, with the moon in the middle of the Earth and the sun. A spring-like westerly flow is forecast to persist over the country for the next few days. This is what lends it the name "blood moon".

Earlier it was reported that NASA showed a colourful picture of the moon taken from the ISS an astronaut stationed there.

"They're in opposite parts of the sky".

In Metro Manila, Manila Bay will have one of the best vistas, he said.

However, he once told people in South Australia about one and they took a selfie with the Sun illuminating them and the Moon behind them. The rare event was seen in different parts of the world.

However, the visibility will depend on weather conditions.

North America will be out of luck, though, since the moon will be below the horizon. "What more could you want?" "This does not herald the apocalypse: seeing a lunar eclipse and Mars in the sky is something people should enjoy rather than worry about". I've never been at the right place at the right time.

According to the Science News, Nigeria will experience total lunar eclipse, which would be is fully visible in Lagos.

The first record of any such event dated from 1666. Scientists also still don't know how common it is throughout the universe for conditions that support life to exist.

According to some Hindu beliefs, celestial bodies such as the sun and moon emit negative energy during an eclipse and so some temples in India were closed to minimize any disturbance.

Selenelion is pronounced "sell-e-nel-ion", Steel says.