Kelly Addresses Sex Abuse Claims in New 19-Minute Song 'I Admit'

  • Kelly Addresses Sex Abuse Claims in New 19-Minute Song 'I Admit'

Kelly Addresses Sex Abuse Claims in New 19-Minute Song 'I Admit'

In the track, the controversial producer sings his own praises about all the obstacles he had to overcame to obtain his success, and accuses his jealous critics of maliciously attempting destroy his career. "You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions", he sings.

Kelly sings that he was "not convicted, not arrested, but his name was "dragged through the mud".

Among the most notable "sins" that Kelly sings about is his illiteracy and the allegations that hes's been running a sex cult, which were lobbied against him past year. The alleged victim and her parents declined to testify during the high-profile trial.

Throughout his career, Kelly has faced and denied allegations of sex with underage girls.

Despite having a plethora of hit songs, he says he had to borrow money from his record label to "put food on the table".

These claims resurfaced in a BBC Three documentary which featured numerous fresh allegations from Kelly's former girlfriends.

A representative for the singer "categorically" denied all the claims and allegations at the time.

At one point in the song, Kelly admits to being with "older and younger [ladies]" and also makes reference to the ongoing #MuteRKelly campaign.

The Step In The Name of Love singer has been receiving a lot of backlash recently for allegations of sexual assault made against him by multiple women. "I pray for you and family, and all my other enemies/ I'm not gonna let y'all steal my joy, I'm just gonna keep on doing me". Her allegations are also the subject of a Dallas police investigation and Kelly has not yet commented publicly on them (a representative for Kelly told the Washington Post he "categorically denies all claims and allegations" from the Dallas complaint) A BuzzFeed report published a year ago said the singer was holding multiple women captive (Kelly denied the allegations).

She said "What about Aaliyah?". But, she says, the lyrics could be used in court in a future case, depending on the subject matter and accusations.

In addition, Kelly calls out "fake friends" for abandoning him, and expresses disappointment at Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey and John Legend for publicly denouncing him. Why would they want to tear down another brother?

He also pleads to women to "show black men some love, 'cause black men we go through enough" - and says he needs his 'hood's support more than ever. "Can't eat, really? Real talk that shit sounds silly", Kelly opens up after also revealing that he was sexually abused as a young boy.

A later BuzzFeed article by DeRogatis quoted Jerhonda Pace, who claimed to have begun a sexual relationship with Kelly while she was still a minor, and who furnished DeRogatis with documentation of a nondisclosure agreement she reached with the singer.

In the song, he says: "I admit it, I admit it I did, I done f***** with a couple of fans".

Elsewhere in the song, Kelly recalls a family member touching him when he was a child up until the age of 14. A handful of his concerts in the past year were canceled, and Spotify announced in May it was removing Kelly from all its playlists and algorithmic recommendations.