Kim summit: North Korean leader emerges a clear victor

  • Kim summit: North Korean leader emerges a clear victor

Kim summit: North Korean leader emerges a clear victor

US President Donald Trump disembarks from Air Force One upon arrival at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on June 13, 2018, as Trump returns from the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. A quick answer: Probably not.

US President Donald Trump shakes hands with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un after signing documents, at their summit in Singapore.

Trump had been scheduled to fly back to Washington tomorrow morning after spending today with Kim in Singapore, but on the eve of the summit, he altered his schedule, opting to return at about 8pm today after a full day of meetings with Kim - nearly 15 hours earlier than previously anticipated.

In a joint declaration following their meeting in Singapore on Tuesday, the North Korean leader pledged to move toward complete denuclearization of the peninsula and Trump vowed to guarantee the security of the United States' old foe.

Elias-Fatile stated that the meeting which resulted to the signing of a statement by the two leaders emphasised the establishment of new relationship between them. "History is a record of people who take action and rise to a challenge", he said. "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", the president wrote on Twitter shortly after arriving back in Washington.

The news agency said that Kim invited Trump to visit Pyongyang "at a convenient time" and that Trump also invited Kim to visit the US.

Trump also talked about real estate development opportunities in the DPRK.

Trump's remarks also caused confusion among his Republican allies on Capitol Hill.

The Singapore agreement does not detail plans for North Korea to demolish a missile engine testing site, a concession Trump said he'd won, or Trump's promise to end military exercises in the South while negotiations between the US and the North continue. "They had a summit as a nuclear state with Kim on equal turf with Trump, got the United States to halt joint military exercises with South Korea".

"The liberals want you to think that Trump is in over his head, but the president is not out of his depth", Klepper said.

North Korea has been an isolated nation since it first divided from South Korea after the end of World War II in 1945.

"Why did South Korea and the USA form an alliance and stage military drills before the nuclear crisis flared?"

Japan's Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera pointedly said the drills played a "vital role in East Asia's security".

Well, so far, Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are pretty much in line. First, Trump acknowledged that human rights was not a major topic during the meeting, saying it "was discussed relatively briefly compared to denuclearization". Their seemingly friendly meeting was in sharp contrast to their tit-for-tat insults and bellicose rhetoric late previous year while Pyongyang carried out its biggest nuclear and missile tests. That's a long time for these big massive planes to be flying to South Korea to practice and then drop bombs all over the place and then go back to Guam. -South Korean drills was met with concern. "He got nothing. Kim did not promise to agree to denuclearisation".