Jada Pinkett Smith reveals her grandmother taught her about 'self-pleasuring'

  • Jada Pinkett Smith reveals her grandmother taught her about 'self-pleasuring'

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals her grandmother taught her about 'self-pleasuring'

She said: "My grandmother taught me about self-pleasuring because she wanted me to know that pleasure was from me". "You know how many men I know that have been raped, as young boys, that I was as protective of Jaden as I was of you?", she explained. In the years I spent towards my healing, many moons ago, I realized the mind and heart can be extremely delicate without the foundation of a formidable spirit. You know what I'm saying? "And I had a moment with Trey, in the kitchen, where I looked at him like "You've had sex.'" Trey totally got embarrassed and ran into the bathroom after Jada's comment before admitting she was right".

Jada wasn't the only one revealing sex secrets though.

With the theme of the show talking about sex, Jada shared with Willow and Willow's Telana Lynum, about her experience with sex when she was a teenager. A shocked Jada asked, "When the hell did you walk in on us?"

"I can always tell with some of your friends too", she tells Willow. "It was in Utah... not Utah", Willow answered. "It was in, I think Aspen, I came down to get some juice and I saw for a little moment and I ran away". That pain held me back, and I wish I'd known then that pain's just a part of your journey and it is not because you have done something wrong or because you are cursed or you are a bad person, we are all going through it.

As for why Pinkett Smith wanted to be so open about sex with her daughter, she explained, "I did not want Willow to have shame of any kind".

The show didn't end there, either.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Following the tragic deaths of both Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade by suicide, the actress took to social media to share with her followers a very emotional message.

'I think by your age, I gave myself multiples first, ' she said during the program.

"One thing I've learned in my life over the years is that mental health is something we should practice daily, not just when issues arise", she began. Just because I was in an exploration state and I was abstaining from men.

She continued: "And I actually think I went through kind of an addiction, too, with it".

The businesswoman noted that many factors "either contribute to or deteriorate" her mental health, including what she eats, what she watches on TV, her spiritual practices, the people with whom she surrounds herself, and more. "You're having five orgasms a day, '" she added.