Chinese official backs removal of US troops from Korean Peninsula

  • Chinese official backs removal of US troops from Korean Peninsula

Chinese official backs removal of US troops from Korean Peninsula

Russian Federation is welcoming the outcome of the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Malcolm Turnbull today slapped down a muddled journalist who asked him if he was anxious about American troops pulling out from North Korea instead of South Korea. "And then goes on to say that someday he'd like to get our troops out of Asia, that's an astonishing development, and one that will add no leverage for [Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's] follow-up efforts - quite the contrary".

"All of our members have served in combat and we understand the importance of bring our war dead home to bring closure to families", said Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander Keith Harman.

"War games are very expensive", he said, raising the issue of their cost.

Trump however seems to have caught allies off guard by saying he would stop U.S.

"This is their life and their future", she said.

How did South Korea react?

President Donald Trump's announcement that the U.S. will stop military exercises with South Korea startled Tokyo and Seoul, unsettled United States lawmakers, and took at least some parts of the Pentagon by surprise.

Others also appeared to have changed their views of the North Korean leader, who had been hidden behind a veil prior to the inter-Korean summit with President Moon Jae-in on April 27.

What are the war games?


"We would like to seek an understanding of this between Japan, the USA and South Korea", Onodera was quoted as saying.

Pyongyang has long viewed the military exercises as a rehearsal for an invasion of the North.

What else did they agree at the summit?

With the world watching US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hold a historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday, the eyes and ears of South Koreans were fixed to the live TV footage. The two met over a one-on-one meeting after shaking hands and they were accompanied by their interpreters.

While official statistics from North Korea are hard to come by due to the ruling regimes limited contact with the larger global economy, India remains North Korea's 2nd-largest import source after China, according to several estimates by multilateral bodies.

Wang said in a statement earlier that China welcomed and supported the summit between the U.S. and North Korean leaders and hoped the two countries could reach a basic consensus on achieving denuclearisation.

Observers say the document lacks substance, in particular on how denuclearisation would be achieved. Trump immediately pivoted to ranting about the Korean War.

Human rights abuses will be discussed eventually, she added, but the meeting between Trump and Kim should be seen as a step in the right direction.

"Whoever sits at the negotiating table, any solid, specific decision on denuclearization would be made by Kim Jong Un himself", he said.

At Seoul Station in the morning, busy passers-by stopped to watch the two leaders exchange the historic first handshake and opening remarks on television screens.

"The absence of the North Korean name in the joint statement, despite the role that Kim Yong Chol has played so far, could mean Kim Jong Un is agonizing over whether he should now charge diplomats to do the job", said Shin Beom-chul, a senior fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul.