Forza Horizon 4 Pre-Order Guide

  • Forza Horizon 4 Pre-Order Guide

Forza Horizon 4 Pre-Order Guide

Microsoft kicked off their annual E3 press conference with a bang by revealing a cinematic trailer for 343 Industries' Halo Infinite.

Other titles unveiled include Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a new franchise from Activision set in feudal Japan; Kingdom Hearts III, marking the series' first appearance on an Xbox console; Devil May Cry 5; and Cyberpunk 2077, a new franchise from the creator of The Witcher games. If you didn't manage to catch the show, you can catch all of the news right here.

We're unlikely to hear anything official from Microsoft on this for a while, but you can bet that every interview with Phil Spencer out of E3 will ask him about this, so it's possible that something extra will slip through.

Microsoft were consistently pull out shocks and nice surprises, including a trio of new Gears games.

Though no performance specs were stated during the conference, it's expected that Forza Horizon 4 will run at 30 frames per second at a 1080p resolution on the Xbox One and Xbox One S, with 4K capabilities for Xbox One X users.

The most striking aspect of the new gaming environment though is seasonal changes, and they're truly lovely. Based on the trailer and other hints from 343 Industries, will Halo Infinite be the first truly open world game in the franchise?

Infinite should be the next mainline Halo game so it's fair to say it should be a shooter.but at this point we never really know what 343i will do next. At the same time, the big players are focusing less on new hardware and more on software - video games that can be turned into long-lived franchises with recurring revenue generated by in-game purchases and subscriptions.

Three years later, Xbox's backward compatibility for older games has become one of the console's defining features.

"Our growth strategy is to continue to expand the worlds that players love, while developing all-new exclusive games that deepen their engagement with our platform".

The game can run in 60fps and 4K, and numerous other cars you'll see while racing around aren't bots, but other players from all around the world.

"With the ultimate freedom to explore and play over 100 great games, Xbox Game Pass delivers our members an incredible value in gaming".

The company is also investing AI and cloud resources into gaming technologies.