Elon Musk sells first 1,000 flamethrowers for the Boring Company

Justine Ezarik uses a Boring Company "Not-a-Flamethrower".

Back in January, Tesla-founder Elon Musk debuted the Boring Company Flamethrower, selling all 20,000 in its first weekend.

Some owners are now reselling the devices for as much as $5,000 on eBay. The tech billionaire shared pictures of distributing his most popular (and most controversial to date) fundraising technique for the Boring Company today via his Twitter.

But The Boring Company had an even bigger surprise for their customers, and this was to hold a special flamethrower pick up party on June 9 in Los Angeles so that the first thousand flamethrowers could be personally distributed, something that has gone down as a treat with buyers. (Late Monday morning, the cheapest one was priced at $2,250.) A listing for just the instruction manual was asking for $250.

While most customers were thrilled about the idea of owning and using a flamethrower, there were some who expressed concerns about it being misused by minors and criminals.

Musk'sTwitter thread started with a straight announcement, "First 1000 Boring Company Flamethrowers being picked up today!"

Don't call it a flamethrower.

Have a look at the flamethrower in the tweet below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

Musk announced previous year that The Boring Company had received a permit to build an underground hyperloop tunnel between New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

According to the company, the privately-funded tunnel would be able to transport cars at 150 miles per hour (240 kph) to help with LA's "soul-destroying" congestion.

In May, the company announced it would be partnering with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) to build a three-mile test tunnel along Sepulveda on Los Angeles' Westside, which is a heavily congested part of the city.

Musk replied to him: "We don't think our product will be the cause of any wildfires, but The Boring Company is donating $10k".