Watson congratulates Ford and new PC Government

  • Watson congratulates Ford and new PC Government

Watson congratulates Ford and new PC Government

The premier-designate, who secured a majority a day earlier with a slew of populist promises, said his first order of business would be to scrutinize the province's books.

"Doug Ford and his party received a strong mandate from Ontarians in last night's election".

Led by Andrea Horwath, the NDP earned 34% of the vote.

"I think it's important", she said.

Ford, whose favourite campaign slogan was "Help in on the way", tells the cheering crowd "Help is here".

Under the Ontario Election Act, all employees who are qualified to vote are entitled to three consecutive hours free from work during polling hours in which to cast their vote.

Liberal leader and former Premier Kathleen Wynne won her riding by just 181 votes, and resigned as party leader.

There's no denying that many knew Kathleen wouldn't be taking home a win when she was dubbed the unlikable leader out of the 3 candidates.

The Liberals, who have been in government for the past 15 years, could drop to single-digit seats in the legislature, losing official party status. She said ballots are rejected when they arrive too late, when the ballot envelope is not signed or when the signature doesn't match the one on file.

Wynne appeared upbeat after voting
Wynne appeared upbeat after voting

The Conservatives have 76 seats, the NDP 40, the Liberals 7 and the Green party 1.

And Treasury Board President Eleanor McMahon lost to Tory Jane McKenna in the Burlington riding. "So we are seeing more people take advantage of that vote-by-mail ballot than we are showing up at a vote center". If Ford goes rogue and turtles in polling popularity, Ontario voters might yet boomerang back to proven leadership in Trudeau in 2019. "I know Rob is celebrating with us tonight".

The Progressive Conservatives elected four MPPs in the Ottawa area. Leader Mike Schreiner won in his electoral district of Guelph with 36 per cent of the vote. But, despite not releasing a fully costed campaign platform, something he had promised to do for months, Ford swayed voters throughout the campaign by making a number of expensive promises and promising to find billions in government "inefficiencies". Hard questions are one thing; petty attacks are another as more than one tried to lob Friday with a repeated focus on the lawsuit from the widow of Rob Ford and suggestions his government would be mired with "chaos".

To say last night's Ontario election was a rollercoaster would be an understatement. "We can't stay here", she said.

Tim Hudak, chief executive officer of the Ontario Real Estate Association and a former Ontario PC leader, said he believes the new government will use its considerable leverage to urge municipalities to expand infrastructure - sewer, water, transit and roads, for example - to undeveloped land and approve more projects for construction. He said the source of the deficit is nearly entirely the result of tax cuts which is a stark change from the era of higher spending and taxes.

Doug Ford and the PC Party of Ontario took 45 seats and will form the official opposition, receiving 27 per cent of the popular vote.

On behalf of the City of Markham, I would like to thank @Kathleen_Wynne for her commitment and years of public service.

Voter information cards (VIC) with details about when and where to vote have been mailed to registered electors.