The Brand New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Here

  • The Brand New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Here

The Brand New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Here

The trailer for the upcoming "Halloween" sequel that was filmed in SC was released Friday.

Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Laurie Strode, who was terrorized as a teen by Myers, a murderous psychopath commonly referred to in the original film as "the boogeyman". The movie is the latest entry in the long-running horror franchise, and it is a direct sequel to the John Carpenter's 1978 original movie.

The film was shot in and around Charleston, SC under the working title "Uncle Orange". Check out the return of The Shape and Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode in the new Halloween trailer below!

This is the eleventh film in the Halloween franchise, which picks up four decades after the first - disregarding the continuity of all previous sequels. However, 40 years after the original film hit theaters, Michael will once again return to terrorize Laurie Strode and her family. Somehow, Myers is able to escape while being transported from the jail, and as expected, all hell breaks loose. As for rumors he was related to Laurie, her character's granddaughter tells a friend, "No, it wasn't her brother". The film is a horror masterpiece and spurred a number of sequels that were received both enthusiastically and not so enthusiastically.

The performance by Curtis looks really good, giving off Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) vibe from the first movie. Jeff Fradley, Green, and Danny McBride penned the script.

Directed by David Gordon Green and co-written by actor and comedian Danny McBride, the film is meant to be a direct sequel to the events which are depicted in the original 1978 film of the same name. Carpenter is involved as a story advisor and is composing the movie's score.