China reportedly stole secret USA weapon plans in Navy hack

  • China reportedly stole secret USA weapon plans in Navy hack

China reportedly stole secret USA weapon plans in Navy hack

The officials who spoke to the Post didn't specifically identify the compromised contractor but said that the contractor works for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center based in Newport, Rhode Island.

The hackers stole "massive amounts" of secret data from the Navy contractor - including plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile for US subs, American intelligence officials told the Post.

The hackers, according to the Post, also stole plans for a supersonic anti-ship missile for use on USA submarines with the breaches taking place in January and February.

The "highly sensitive data" was held by the contractor in a network of unclassified information, triggering concerns about possibly lax policing of contractor security protections, according to the Post.

Navy spokesman Cmdr. Bill Speaks told the Post, "There are measures in place that require companies to notify the government when a "cyber incident" has occurred that has actual or potential adverse effects on their networks that contain controlled unclassified information".

The 614 gigabyte "Sea Dragon" programme was also swiped in the attack as well.

The US's intervention comes after The People's Liberation Army-Navy confirmed its aircraft carrier strike group - led by 67,500 tone Liaoning - is now ready for war.

It did not provide any specifics on the project, saying it was asked by the Navy to withhold the details from the report, so as not to damage United States security further. The sanctions were imposed because ZTE breached a US embargo on trade with Iran and other countries for six years and lied about it.

According the the Post, the Sea Dragon project is part of the Defense Department's efforts to adapt existing technologies to new applications.

American officials, who only talked to the Post on the condition of anonymity, said that the hackers stole massive amounts of data.

Military experts said the breach signaled that China could be working to complicate the Navy's ability to defend US allies in Asia amid a conflict with Beijing in the region.