Woman in Wildwood beach arrest says she hurt neck and back

  • Woman in Wildwood beach arrest says she hurt neck and back

Woman in Wildwood beach arrest says she hurt neck and back

In body camera video released by police, Weinman refuses to provide authorities with her last name after taking a breathalyzer test and being told by an officer that he's going to have her pour out the alcohol. She was eventually taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, aggravated assault by spitting on an officer, and minor in possession of alcohol. Dicht said Weinman wasn't looking for trouble and was just trying to enjoy the day with her child.

She said Wednesday morning that her neck and back have hurt since the incident, but stated the whole ordeal is more emotionally exhausting than anything else. Using that footage, police claim she was the one who first struck the officers, though the exact moment this would've happened is unclear in the body cam footage.

On May 28, a disturbing video of a woman being repeatedly punched in the head by a police officer on a beach went viral.

Emily is now on probation for a 2016 arrest, but she says that did not have anything to do with why she did not want to identify herself to the police officers. Her young daughter was present during her arrest.

The 54-second video was taken by Alexis Hewitt, who has said was asleep on a beach towel next to Weinman when the commotion began.

Weinman's attorney, Stephen Dicht, told NJ.com on Tuesday that he wasn't surprised by the DA's decision to not pursue criminal charges against the cops. "Kind of upset. The things people say about me". She says she "didn't see the point in it" because "something wasn't right with the situation".

It was determined by the County Prosecutor's office that the actions of the arresting officer (s) did not meet the evidentiary standards to warrant criminal charges under that law or any other related criminal statutes, according to a release. The police department probe is pending.

"I recognize that the video footage has raised a lot of questions regarding the officers' actions", Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland said in a statement. "It is based upon applying the proper laws, policies and directives that govern law enforcement".

"Members of the public should understand that no matter what your opinion is regarding the subject event, it is not based on a full review of the evidence", he continued.