The Sonos Beam is a $399 soundbar with Alexa (and Google, someday)

  • The Sonos Beam is a $399 soundbar with Alexa (and Google, someday)

The Sonos Beam is a $399 soundbar with Alexa (and Google, someday)

Sonos claims most smart speakers are designed for the kitchen, but the Beam is meant to handle everything you need in your living room.

The folks at Sonos are touting the new Sonos Beam, a $399 addition to its system of home sound equipment.

The Sonos Beam measures 65cm wide x 10cm deep x 6.85cm high, and weighs just 2.8kg.

The Beam is a sound bar created to sit below a television set and replace the speakers built into existing TVs.

As well as announcing the new Sonos Beam the USA company has also revealed AirPlay 2 will be available on its products from July via a free software update. This cross-platform voice control promises to pertain to the Sonos Beam, as well, so anybody will be able to come into your home and control your music or TV using the voice assistant of their choice, either Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, which sounds pretty neat. The soundbar is 60-percent smaller and $300 cheaper than a Playbar, so it's a better speaker option for those on a budget. Around the back you'll find the HDMI input, Ethernet port, power connection and a pairing button.

The new smart TV soundbar with five far-field microphones will be priced at $499 in Canada and is made for small to medium size rooms, powered by four full-range woofers, one tweeter and five Class-D digital amplifiers. With Alexa, you can set moods and perform smart home tasks like locking doors, turning down the lights and changing the thermostat, and thanks to the Beam's proximity to the TV, it works as a handy voice remote for those of us with Amazon Fire TVs.

Of course, this is a Sonos device which means it will link up with any other Sonos speakers you have for an instant surround sound experience. It also states that support for Google Assistant is coming later this year.

The sound bar also offers support for Apple's recently introduced AirPlay 2 audio streaming protocol and control with Siri.

Available in Sonos' familiar black and white finishes, the Beam certainly looks every bit like a Sonos product, which is no bad thing. During the event, Sonos show how a song could be requested via Siri, then how users could ask Amazon's Alexa "what song is playing?"