Miss America Drops Swimsuit Competition, No Longer Judges on Appearance

  • Miss America Drops Swimsuit Competition, No Longer Judges on Appearance

Miss America Drops Swimsuit Competition, No Longer Judges on Appearance

The latest iteration of the Miss America competition will be more inclusive of women of all sizes and will no longer include the swimsuit competition, the organization announced on Tuesday.

In January, Carlson was named the first former victor to serve as the organization's leader, along with four other former Miss America winners who were also named to the board: Regina Hopper was appointed president and CEO and Marjorie Vincent-Tripp was named as chair of the Board of Trustees.

The competition's contestants - representatives of all 50 USA states - "will be asked to demonstrate their passion, intelligence and overall understanding of the job of Miss America", the show reported.

She says the swimsuit portion is more about confidence than looks, and provides an opportunity to face fears and insecurities head-on.

"It's what comes out of their mouths that we care about", Carlson said.

Waring says the pageant has changed in other positive ways since she won the crown 70 years ago. Vincent-Tripp, an assistant attorney general at the Florida Office of the Attorney General, was Miss America 1991. She said she got into competitions for the opportunities - scholarship money, networking and chances to expose her talents to a wide audience. "I would never want an incredible Miss America to be denied that opportunity simply because one portion of the competition isn't consistent with her personal beliefs". The competition's leadership teams now all are headed by women, including former Miss America winners.

This change will be effective come fall when the Miss America 2019 competition airs live from Atlantic City, New Jersey, on September 9.

"Miss America's new mission statement is: 'To prepare great women for the world, and to prepare the world for great women, '" said Regina Hopper, the group's president and CEO.

"We are no longer a pageant", said Carlson.

I haven't watched the Miss America pageant in years, and I'm betting you probably haven't either.

When asked about how the change will affect TV ratings, Carlson said she's not anxious about losing now that the program won't feature scantily clad women, adding that the talent segment actually receives higher ratings.

"If you're upset about Miss America dropping it's swimsuit completion: Maybe you should respect women for who they are on the inside, beauty is truly skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder", someone said. The contestants will be asked to display passion, smarts, and an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities of Miss America.

"I think that this is a wonderful step in the right directions to do what Miss America has wanted to do from the beginning", Butler said.

"There are tons of women across this country who are not "swimsuit-ready" who are doing some really bad-ass stuff in their communities", she said.