MacOS Mojave: New features, release date, and everything you need to know

  • MacOS Mojave: New features, release date, and everything you need to know

MacOS Mojave: New features, release date, and everything you need to know

Quick Look, the action that lets users preview photos and documents by hitting the space bar, is getting some updates too.

Location services can also be used to determine the state of the feature, which means an iPhone could be set to Do Not Disturb mode during school hours and then switch back to normal notifications when a child returns home.

First and foremost is the introduction of a new Dark Mode, which brings a dark theme throughout the operating system. Like the iOS App Store, which was redesigned previous year, the new Mac App Store celebrates apps, games and developers with an all-new Discover tab featuring compelling stories, in-depth interviews, helpful tips, collections of must-have apps and more.

Along the top of the app, you have tabs for Home, Rooms, and Automation, as well as a "+" icon for creating a new scene or automation. THere are also tabs for Create, Work, Play, and Develop to help users find the app they want.

Other parts of your desktop app may require some custom code; Wired cited examples like making a Mac app sidebar translucent, and incorporating share buttons into the program's toolbar. The WWDC 2018 event also revealed that Microsoft is going to launch Office 365 in the new store, and the Adobe will launch Lightroom CC through it as well. Other updates include WebKit being ported to watchOS, so you can now view web content on your wrist. In addition, you can run custom Automator Actions on files directly from Finder with Quick Actions.

My favorite feature of macOS Mojave Desktop is Stacks - a life-saving feature for people with a messy desktop like me.

Apple is also bringing desktop stacks, a new system where files get stacked together into an organized folder.

Apple Inc on Monday issued new review guidelines for its lucrative App Store platform, after it moved to block plans by Steam, the biggest distributor of PC-based video games, to extend its reach into iPhones and iPads. There have also been some improvements made to taking screenshots in macOS Mojave. Finally, with the Voice Memos app, iOS and macOS memos will be synced via iCloud. You can still use your Facebook account to comment on websites, but you'll have to give the website permission to do so first via a popup that the browser will generate. Voice Memos are also synced across all your devices using iCloud.

Keeping with the past several years of macOS releases, expect macOS Mojave to be released in the September or October timeframe. Apple said it turned some of its iOS apps using the same technology. This is the exact reason that Apple offers a public macOS Mojave beta.