Subtropical Storm Alberto Closes In On Florida; Warnings Of Floods, Tornadoes

  • Subtropical Storm Alberto Closes In On Florida; Warnings Of Floods, Tornadoes

Subtropical Storm Alberto Closes In On Florida; Warnings Of Floods, Tornadoes

The mayor of Orange Beach, on Alabamas Gulf Coast, said Alberto brought rain and aggravation — and dashed hopes for record Memorial Day crowds.

The hurricane center said Sunday that a tropical storm warning was in effect from Bonita Beach, Florida, to the Mississippi-Alabama border.

Tuesday: More rain will fall as the low pressure center of Alberto moves through Alabama.

The system is moving north, threatening Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina with heavy rain. It was expected to reach land Monday afternoon or evening as it headed north at about 8 miles per hour (13 kph).

The gloomy weather that put a damper on outdoor activities over the Memorial Day weekend is expected to last several more days in SC as Tropical Storm Alberto moves from the Gulf of Mexico toward the Midwest.

The National Weather Service office in Mobile is calling for a 100 percent chance of rain tonight with possible flooding rains as thunderstorms continue to move through the area.

Alberto made a Memorial Day landfall near Laguna Beach, Fla, just west of Panama City, andofficials warned of unsafe conditions even though its maximum sustained winds fell to 45 miles per hour. Between 10 to 25 centimetres of rain could soak the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, and western Georgia before the storm moves on.

Meanwhile, the storm forced some Memorial Day tributes to be cancelled across Florida's Panhandle. Officials there are warning of unsafe conditions. The storm, coming on the last day of the Memorial Day weekend, was expected to scramble holiday travel.

Along the Florida Panhandle, tourists vowed Alberto wouldn't dampen their vacations.

Middle Tennessee can expect to see 1 to 3 inches of rain through Wednesday.

Any storm activity should dissipate after sunset while lingering scattered to numerous showers will remain possible as Alberto begins its inland track to the north.

"We've never seen one (storm) before and we're here celebrating a friend's 20th birthday", Rhumes said. "So how often can you say you rode a storm out?" The season is likely to be "near or above normal", according to the NHC.

The two reporters who were killed by subtropical storm Alberto on Monday spoke to a local fire chief moments before they died and told him to "be careful". The reason the storm has the "sub" prefix is due to the system showing qualities of both a tropical system (warmest part of system is in center) along with qualities of a more traditional cyclone (while weak, it has fronts circulating around it).