Pipeline decision too close to chastise BC at western premiers meeting: Notley

  • Pipeline decision too close to chastise BC at western premiers meeting: Notley

Pipeline decision too close to chastise BC at western premiers meeting: Notley

"Albertans, British Columbians and all Canadians should understand that if the path forward for the pipeline through B.C.is not settled soon, I'm ready and prepared to turn off the taps", Alberta PM Rachel Notley said last week.

Alberta passed Bill 12, titled Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act, which gives the Alberta government the ability to retaliate against B.C. over any delays to the expansion by driving up gas prices or restricting shipments of other energy products.

"I'm very concerned that we are missing an opportunity here in this nation to advance our economic benefit here, not just in Saskatchewan, but in Western Canada and the nation of Canada", Moe said.

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs, who represents Lakeland in northeast Alberta, will introduce the bill to the House of Commons within the next two days, Cousineau said.

"They're still reserving the right to play legal rope-a-dope until the cows come home", she said.

Plans to triple capacity along the existing Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby have pitted Alberta and the federal government against B.C.'s government since January.

Eby said the Alberta and the federal government are causing delays by refusing to accept B.C.'s invitations to join legal cases, or take legal arguments straight to the Supreme Court of Canada where the outcomes are final. It also joined two other lawsuits launched by Indigenous groups opposed to the $7.4-billion project.

When asked if the reference case would spell the end of the court action for his government, Horgan doubled down on the message upon which he was recently elected - that he'll do all he can to explore every court option available. "We will not hesitate".

She said while she wants to proceed with the issues discussed at the meeting, it is folly to talk about how to spend money while ignoring critical issues on how to raise it. "In order to protect and improve the things that matter to people, like pharmacare, we need a strong, functioning national economy".

At a closing news conference, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe agreed that free-trade issues were his priority at the Western Premiers' Conference.

Notley says she is not attending the conference because her time is better spent making sure the pipeline project goes ahead, and that the government is close to some important decisions before a May 31 deadline set by pipeline owner Kinder Morgan. Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has offered an indemnity to backstop the pipeline project.

Reducing the provincial deficit over the next few years in part relies on increased cash from non-renewable resources, but the project's cancellation would mean a "potentially significant loss in revenue", the ratings agency argued.