Doug Ford accused of selling 'bogus' party memberships

  • Doug Ford accused of selling 'bogus' party memberships

Doug Ford accused of selling 'bogus' party memberships

"This is way too important that we continue to talk at the doors across this province about what we have done and what we can do going forward". "It's probably fuelled the NDP vote (and) it probably takes the Liberals out of the equation".

"As mayor, I never ran the city based on debt", she said about Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne.

We will find out on June 7.

"It doesn't cost you anything", Ford is heard saying to a person he and Surma were trying to sign up.

Audio played at a Liberal news conference Thursday was from a man who saw Ford at a Tim Hortons in 2016 and pressed record on his phone, the party said.

"He's not laying it out for people", she said. Nine out of ten said they will not change their plans to vote PC.

"We know from some of the slogans and the things that he's thrown out that if he is going to move on those things that he's going to have to make cuts across government", she said in Sudbury. "For 15 years, the Liberals have been partying with the taxpayers' money and the NDP wants to keep the party going, just with a different tune". Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee issued a statement urging its members to pay attention to their ridings and to each party's platform and vote strategically. "It just harkens back to the Mike Harris era and current Trump-style politics".

Leader Andrea Horwath challenged Ford's assertion that he had been transparent with voters so far.

"And I think now, because they are there, they are sorting out what does she actually stand for".

Ford has come under increasing attack from his political rivals for his perceived failure to produce a complete platform.

The Liberals are attacking what they call an "irrational" plan by the NDP to start decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station this year.

Horwath said all parties agree the plant can't operate forever. "Right now, we don't have the same commitment from every party in this election".

Wynne has kept a brisk pace during the campaign with several events a day - barely stopping to celebrate a milestone birthday last week.

The Tories also held a separate news conference with two candidates to accuse the New Democrats of having several "radical" candidates, including September 11 conspiracy theorists and a woman who is against wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day.

"Five NDP candidates.have radical and extreme views that do not reflect the people of Ontario", said longtime Tory legislator Lisa MacLeod. "I think we're seeing a lot of movement".

He also invoked former NDP premier Bob Rae in suggesting the province would return to high unemployment and high taxes and see companies leave en masse if NDP Leader Andrea Horwath were to seize the reins on June 7.