Venezuela Expels Top US Diplomats in Retaliation for Sanctions

  • Venezuela Expels Top US Diplomats in Retaliation for Sanctions

Venezuela Expels Top US Diplomats in Retaliation for Sanctions

The Trump administration slapped new sanctions on the Maduro regime on Monday, barring USA companies or citizens from buying debt from the Venezuelan government, PDVSA or the Venezuelan central bank.

Robinson has been less than a year in Caracas and is the highest U.S. representative in Venezuela, given that both countries have not exchanged ambassadors for eight years as a result of the conflicts in diplomatic relations since the so-called Bolivarian Revolution began in the South American nation in 1999.

Falcon had refused to recognize the election's results even before they were announced.

It appeared the emigration crisis Venezuela had experienced in recent years as its economy collapsed would continue since Maduro's government was unlikely to change policies that led to hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages and rising crime.

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has congratulated his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro on winning a new term in office, the Turkish presidency said Wednesday, after an election widely condemned by the worldwide community.

The Election Council announced that with more than 92 percent of polling stations reporting, Maduro won almost 68 percent of the votes, beating his nearest challenger Henri Falcon by more than 40 points.

"The revolution is here to stay!" More obstacles to PDVSA's ability to sell oil overseas could restrict already-dwindling foreign exchange earnings, worsening the economic crisis and pressuring Maduro.

"I'm prepared to sell coffee because us migrants have to be prepared to start from the bottom", said Rojas, who plans to settle in Lima, Peru.

"The dominant and decisive reason why the opposition progressively withdrew from the elections was the decision by the extremist USA government to not validate or legitimize a presidential election that they knew fully was going to be won in any scenario by the candidate of Nicolas Maduro", Maduro said.

President Donald Trump on Monday increased pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with an executive order that restricts his regime from selling off public assets and blocks purchases of the country's debt.

"This money belongs to the Venezuelan people", Trump said.

Washington and Caracas have not exchanged ambassadors since 2010.

"We alert the worldwide community to the threat to world peace represented by the supremacist, racist and interventionist regime that governs Washington today, inspired by the nefarious postulates of the Ku Klux Klan", the foreign ministry said in a statement. We therefore denounce the Venezuelan Presidential election, and its result, as it is not representative of the democratic will of the citizens of Venezuela. Maduro has counted on the support of China and Russian Federation, which have provided billions of dollars in funding in recent years.

Both Gonsalves and the Antigua and Barbuda prime minister, Gaston Browne, say they are looking forward to another six years of working with Maduro.

Other countries also hinted at sanctions, with Spain leading European Union criticism of the election. The group deplored Venezuela's "grave humanitarian situation".

In contrast, Venezuela's regional leftist allies, such as Cuba and Bolivia, sent congratulations. "If the Venezuelan authorities manage to take some retaliatory steps to oppose economic blackmail and pressure, then the USA may continue its efforts to incite the public and whip up a civil war because the people are already divided in two", he noted.

Falcon called for a new election, complaining about the government placing of almost 13,000 pro-government stands offering "prizes" close to polling stations nationwide.

Major obstacles to the participation of opposition political parties and their leaders, an unbalanced composition of the National Electoral Council, biased electoral conditions, numerous reported irregularities during the Election Day, including vote buying, stood in the way of fair and equitable elections.