Texas Holds Moment of Silence for School Shooting Victims

  • Texas Holds Moment of Silence for School Shooting Victims

Texas Holds Moment of Silence for School Shooting Victims

Three days after a shooting at a Texas high school took the lives of eight students and two teachers, a town and a country are trying to figure out what comes next. Pagourtzis' mother told Bland her son would stay up all night playing video games, according to Bland.

Another neighbor, Bobbie Owen, said Pagourtzis and his younger sister helped her carry in Christmas packages previous year.

But Shana's story may well have been a big one.

Rodriguez could not independently be reached for comment. "I thought, 'Surely they didn't just put this on the door and say they're giving away a shotgun right after 10 people have died as a result of another school shooting, '" she said.

"If a person has a gun, the best way to stop that person is another person with a gun", Patrick said on "ABC News This Week".

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says one way to reduce school shootings is to retrofit school buildings to reduce the number of entrances, as well as arm teachers and train them how to respond to active-shooter situations. He laid lilies under the sign at Santa Fe High School on Sunday, then spoke to the media about possible solutions: hardening schools, metal detectors, monitoring students' social media accounts.

Once Santa Fe Police Department officers had Pagourtzis in custody, he allegedly waived his Miranda Rights and admitted to wearing a trenchcoat and arming himself with a Remington 970 shotgun and.38 caliber pistol that he used to shoot people inside the school with the intent of killing them, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Even so, the Santa Fe shooting does not fit the models we have seen before, most recently the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14. Service dogs were in a nearby hall to help console grieving victims.

Jared Black, one of the students killed, attended a youth group at the church, and many of its members embraced his mother Pam when the family arrived.

The funeral of Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheikh was among the first to be held, at a mosque in suburban Houston.

One month later, a 17-year-old student at Great Mills High School in Maryland shot two classmates at school.

Oliver North, incoming president of the National Rifle Association, said the shootings are the product of a "culture of violence", not the Second Amendment. "From what I see, I don't believe any of the individuals that were killed were from law enforcement", Trochesset said.

"As you probably know, he gave himself up and admitted at the time he didn't have the courage to commit the suicide, that he wanted to take his own life earlier", Abbott said.

Pagourtzis is not known to have any criminal record, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters.

"I am seeking the best solutions to make our schools more secure and to keep our communities safe", Abbott said in a statement.

"We share the public's hunger for answers as to why this happened, and will await the outcome of the investigation before speaking about these events", the statement said.