Paris Jackson addresses family drama after skipping Billboard Music Awards

  • Paris Jackson addresses family drama after skipping Billboard Music Awards

Paris Jackson addresses family drama after skipping Billboard Music Awards

Janet Jackson made history last night as the first black female artist to receive the Icon Award from the Billboard Music Awards ceremony. (Both Janet and her brother Michael Jackson have, in a more symbolic way - through their art - been beacons of creative freedom.) Yet here was Janet making clear she understood and supported current efforts to end workplace discrimination, unequal treatment, and institutional racism, with a #MeToo approach to the subject.

Paris Jackson voiced "love and respect" for her family Monday on Instagram Stories.

"Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, lovers and haters, and fellow moonwalkers: Please do not tell me/demands/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life, specifically my family", she begins.

The budding model continued, "As awesome and as s-tty as things can be, it is no one's business but ours". However, I am handling my family situation exactly how my father did. I like to keep it that way.

"I thank God for giving me the precious energy that lets me live my life as an artist who every day seeks to expand my capacity to love", the 52-year-old singer said.

"Thank you, guys, so much for embracing a mostly Spanish song", he said. Well, our drama is broadcasted worldwide through media, but that doesn't mean our family issues are any different from yours. Every life has their own s-t to deal with. Ours are just made public.

The show wasn't all somber though: Jackson rocked the Billboard Awards with an energetic and powerful performance of her past hits in an epic week that included her 52nd birthday and the 25th anniversary of her groundbreaking "janet." album. Every level has another devil.

Paris acknowledged that her family has drama like other families around the world.

"I appreciate any and every person reading this and I'm grateful for everything in my life, positive and negative", she concludes.

Before presenting the award to Fonsi, the Chainsmokers and Halsey remembered Avicii, the DJ-producer who died last month at age 28. "We hang out. If you're anxious about me, call me". Swift spoke out on her re-emergence by saying that it was "so nice" be at the BBMAs on Sunday. Matriarch Katherine Jackson and Rebbie Jackson were also in the audience.