Macedonian climber dies on Everest

  • Macedonian climber dies on Everest

Macedonian climber dies on Everest

Two years later, he returned to mountaineering and finished a solo climb of Broad Peak in the Himalayas, the 12th-highest peak in the world, without the supplemental oxygen that most climbers use at such altitudes, where the air is dangerously thin.

The 2015 season was scrapped after 19 climbers were killed and 61 injured by an avalanche at the base camp triggered by a massive quake.

Tourism department official Gyanendra Shrestha said, "Sherpas found his body inside the tent", However, details of the incident wasn't known because of poor communication.

On his official blog, Kuriki's office reported he would descend from a point of 7,400 meters because he was in bad shape.

"The climber was found dead in his tent on Camp III (7,200m)", said Tikaram Gurung, Managing Director at Bochi Bochi Treks, the organiser of his expedition.

But, with the number of visitors wanting to climb Everest more than doubling in two decades and more than 340 foreign climbers trying to climb Everest this month alone, the number of Sherpa guides has not kept up.

"We have carried down Kuriki's body to base camp and are waiting for officials' clearance to send the body by helicopter to Kathmandu", he said. "I have not reached my retirement age, and until I retire I will continue to be a guide on Everest", he said.

Kuriki had made seven unsuccessful attempts to scale Everest.

An Italian climber died last month on Mount Dhaulagiri, the world's seventh highest peak.

Around 400 people have so far reached the summit of Everest as the busy spring climbing season - which runs from April to May - gets into full swing.