D'Antoni: Warriors Have 'All The Pressure' in Game 4

  • D'Antoni: Warriors Have 'All The Pressure' in Game 4

D'Antoni: Warriors Have 'All The Pressure' in Game 4

Curry and the Warriors will look to go up in the series 3-1 this Tuesday at home, where Golden State has not lost a postseason game since 2016.

As a one-time occurrence, though - and Davidson coach Bob McKillop told me Monday he has never heard Curry use that word in all the years the two have been around each other - this outburst just makes Curry seem human.

About a minute later, Curry used a screen to get James Harden to switch onto him and he crossed him over and nailed a step-back contested triple. I think it was like a knee-on-knee type of thing.

If you loved it, then did you also love Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan yelling at the Carolina Panthers "Get the f-- off my field!" in 2012 after the Falcons edged the Panthers in Atlanta on a last-second field goal?

The MVP favourite led Houston with 20 points and nine assists but had a disgusting night defending Stephen Curry who scored most of his 35 points when guarded by him.

Kevin Durant added a mere 25 points, with the Warriors' starters being able to rest for the majority of the 4th quarter. I'd wager that at least one or two of the following 15 names stand at the top of Golden State's big board. If you want points, you have to play well. He started off the game 1-of-6 from 3, but ended the evening 13-of-23 from the field and 5-of-12 on 3-pointers. But it's one game, and you've got to have that same type of energy and intentions and focus the next game and the right approach.

"I did my job tonight".

The win was a record 16th straight playoff victory at home for the Warriors at Oracle Arena.

The mind games never stop in the National Basketball Association.