Ibobi seeks appointment with Manipur governor, to demand dissolving BJP govt

  • Ibobi seeks appointment with Manipur governor, to demand dissolving BJP govt

Ibobi seeks appointment with Manipur governor, to demand dissolving BJP govt

The bench, which was constituted post-midnight by Chief Justice Dipak Misra on the Congress-JD (S) plea for an urgent hearing, sought to know can it restrain the governor from inviting a party to form the government, to which Singhvi said the Supreme Court had done so in the past.

Congress leader and outgoing CM Siddaramaiah on Thursday alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was resorting to horse-trading to get the required number to prove its majority in the Karnataka Assembly. Whether the Congress, JD (S) and the BJP issue whips, however, is the question and could be crucial for the floor test, especially in the event of a tie.

The Congress also chose to observe tomorrow as "Save Democracy Day" saying party workers across the country will hold protests and dharnas at all district headquarters against Vala's "illegal" decision to allow BS Yeddyurappa to take over as chief minister, "despite being in a minority". Interestingly, Karnataka has been the destination of choice for this type of politics.

At a gathering in Raipur, the Congress President said: "The BJP is creating an atmosphere of fear".

While the Manipur Congress won 28 of the 60 assembly seats in the state, the BJP had won 21.

Results of the Karnataka Assembly polls announced on May 15 showed that the BJP had won 104 seats, emerging as the single largest party, while the Congress and JD (S) bagged 78 and 38 seats, respectively.

The state is witnessing high voltage drama in politics after Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala invited BJP to form the government on Wednesday night and prove their majority on the floor of the House in 15 days. Suspecting that more may follow Singh into the rival camp, legislators are being kept on a tight leash and being treated lavishly to avoid any tendency to defect.

"When the other side has given letter of support signed by the members from Congress and JD (S), on what basis the BJP can say it has the majority?"

"Through [Modi], the BJP has re-entered their southern bastion", he said.

The Congress party has been flailing in local election ever since Modi's rise to power and it has now been reduced to governing only one key state, Punjab, out of India's 29 states. We are in touch with all of them and we are confident of getting support of minimum 120. Majority are not in a position to face people if they join together and that's what they communicated to us.