Prominent golfer allegedly assaulted by his wife for playing poorly!

  • Prominent golfer allegedly assaulted by his wife for playing poorly!

Prominent golfer allegedly assaulted by his wife for playing poorly!

Over the weekend Krista Glover, wife of former U.S Open victor Lucas Glover, was arrested after attacking both him and his mother after his poor performance in the Player's Championship.

"I've been attacked by my mother-in-law", Krista told the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office 911 dispatcher.

Both Lucas and his mother, 62-year-old Hershey Glover, suffered visible but minor injuries in the altercation, mostly lacerations both claimed they sustained when Krista hit them.

According to the incident report, Lucas Glover tried to ensure that deputies wouldn't arrest his wife of six years by changing his witness statement.

An unredacted version of the police report indicated that Lucas and his mother, Hershey, were the victims in this assault.

According to the arrest report, Glover told the deputy that his wife yells at him, stating he is a "loser" and other choice words, when he plays poorly in a tournament.

Krista was released on a $2,500 bond on Sunday and has an appearance in court later this month.

After the call was cut off the dispatcher called back and was told by Lucas Glover that his wife was lying.

Krista was arrested on Saturday night and taken to St. John's County Jail in Florida.

"I've been attacked by my mother-in-law", Krista said. "She's locked herself into the room, and she attacked us".

When asked if the family needed fire rescue to treat injuries, Lucas said: "Nah, I don't think anybody needs to come out here".

"She's trying to blame it on my mother which is not the case at all", Lucas said ... "My wife has gone insane". "We've got our lines crossed here".

She allegedly tried to wrap her legs and feet around the frame of the open vehicle door, and once inside, Krista allegedly damaged the auto by kicking the door. That is one strong woman. She is facing misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest.

However, in a statement posted to Twitter when news of the incident broke, Lucas Glover painted a very different picture of the altercation. "On May 12, my wife and mother were involved in an argument to which the police were called".

The 38-year-old golfer, best known for his 2009 win at the U.S. Open and the 2011 Wells Fargo Open, did tell authorities that his wife had been drinking all day.

"Wait till the tour [PGA] hears about this", she yelled to an officer, according to the report. He even warned the 911 operator - who insisted on speaking to Krista, because she placed the call - that his wife was "gonna lie".

Krista Glover is alleged to have said in the police vehicle: 'Wait till the Tour hears about this, you will lose your job. This is why cops get shot in the face. "We thank you for respecting our privacy as we work through this unfortunate situation".

But in the era of Trump, it's not simply a private matter but rather a manifestation of the unequal world we live in, one in which calling the police on Black people has become what seems to be the norm.