Kristen Stewart goes barefoot at Cannes

  • Kristen Stewart goes barefoot at Cannes

Kristen Stewart goes barefoot at Cannes

Cannes Film Festival is all about making fashion statements, while some chose to do that, there were others like Kristen Stewart making political statements at the famed red carpet.

The Twilight actress wore black Louboutin heels as she arrived at the BlacKkKlansman premiere. The film, by Spike Lee, stars Corey Hawkins and Topher Grace and takes on the checkered history of the Ku Klux Klan.

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival is well underway, and some of those attending have used the festival as a platform to show support for protestors in Gaza.

While she was climbing the stairs the photographers kept taking pictures. However, there's some confusion over the Cannes dress code for women when it comes to which shoes they're allowed to wear on the red carpet. "Does he have to wear heels?'"

She once again addressed the issue in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, "There's definitely, like, a distinct dress code, right?"

Emily Blunt also protested this rule and spoke out against it saying that everyone should wear flats and shouldn't wear heels.

CANNES-The issue of high heels at Cannes has been a spiky one in recent years.

"If [a man and I] were walking the red carpet together and someone stopped me and said, 'Excuse me, young lady, you're not wearing heels".

Cannes is renowned for attracting the world's most attractive people for a week of breathtaking red carpet moments. It's just like you simply can not ask me to do something that you are not asking him. "I get the black-tie thing but you should be able to do either version-flats or heels", she explained.

Kristen Stewart walked barefoot on the red carpet. People get very upset at you if you, like, don't wear heels or something-whatever.