European Union prepares measures to protect from U.S. sanctions on Iran

  • European Union prepares measures to protect from U.S. sanctions on Iran

European Union prepares measures to protect from U.S. sanctions on Iran

A top European Union official branded President Donald Trump selfish and capricious Wednesday as EU leaders met to count the likely economic damage USA policies might inflict on the bloc and to try to rescue the Iran nuclear deal.

"There was awareness of the urgency", Mogherini said after the meeting in Brussels.

The president, who participates in the sessions of the Bundestag for the approval of the 2018 federal budget, said in relation to the JCPOA that 'the question is whether it is convenient to end the agreement or maintain it, and we consider it better to remain in it'. With the dollar playing the leading role on worldwide financial markets, re-imposing sanctions would mean cutting Iran off from the global financial system.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Tuesday that experts had already begun work on measures to get round USA sanctions, focusing on nine key areas including Iran's ability to continue selling oil and gas products, and how to protect European companies doing business in the country. "We will all save it together".

Iran meanwhile said the new USA sanctions were an attempt to derail efforts to save the deal.

Washington has long complained that the nuclear deal does nothing to stop Iran's ballistic missile program or its interference in conflicts across the Middle East from Syria to Yemen.

"It won't be easy, that's clear to all of us".

She said they had already launched intensive discussions to rescue the agreement, adding they would find some solutions "within weeks".

"Frankly speaking, Europe should be grateful to President Trump because thanks to him we have got rid of all illusions". As a first step, the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Britain were in Brussels on Tuesday for talks with their Iranian counterpart.

"We must expect more such moves by the Americans".

"This agreement is everything other than ideal, but Iran is, according to all the knowledge of the global nuclear authorities, sticking to the commitments of the agreement".

Zarif said little to reporters Tuesday but suggested he wanted to discuss the deaths of dozens of Palestinians in Gaza as well as the nuclear deal, which U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from last week.

"The extra-territorial dimension of US sanctions is unacceptable". On Wednesday night European Union leaders are meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria and the Iranian deal will be at the top of their agenda.

-The ones who are going to do business with Iran and invest in Iran are the European private sectors and governments can not force them to work with Iran.