Documents on Trump Tower meeting released

  • Documents on Trump Tower meeting released

Documents on Trump Tower meeting released

Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia who serves as the committee's vice chair, who echoed Burr's sentiments.

The leaders of the majority as Democrats and Republicans in the Senate came to the conclusion that these intelligence Committee on intervention in the 2016 election is not in doubt. But Burr and Warner have been dropping hints for days that their panel's interim findings on the intelligence community would depart from those of the House Intelligence Committee Republicans.

The follow-up overture is one of the kernels of new information contained in more than 2,000 pages of testimony and exhibits released by the committee, which has been conducting one of the investigations into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russians.

He argued that he had very little information but that receiving an offer of dirty rags from Clinton did not seem suspicious. "And I recall that she began the presentation exactly where she had begun it last time, nearly word for word, which seemed, by his body language, to infuriate him even more".

Asked whether he felt like he had been "duped" into attending the meeting organized by Goldstone under "false pretenses" to grab his attention, Trump Jr. said, "I imagine there was an element of showmanship involved".

"I didn't think that listening to someone with information relevant to the fitness and character of a presidential candidate would be an issue, no", he said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats say interview transcripts detailing a 2016 meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer are just "one piece of a much larger puzzle".

Though the witnesses were not under oath, they were nonetheless required to tell Congress the truth. Mueller has indicated to Trump's attorneys that he wants to ask the President about the meeting, and about his role in the composition of a misleading statement that Trump, Jr., put out last summer, after the meeting's existence was revealed. The transcripts released today represent limited examples of Committee interviews with just five of the eight participants in one such meeting.

"The Kremlin may also have used the NRA to secretly fund Mr. Trump's campaign".

The Trump campaign has dismissed the meeting as part of a bait-and-switch Russian lobbying effort to amend a 2012 law known as the Magnitsky Act that placed sanctions on Russians over human rights abuses.

Manafort's notes also contain references to "tied into Cheney" and "active sponsors of RNC" without any further explanation.

Manafort is facing more than a dozen unrelated criminal charges related to his overseas lobbying activities, including conspiracy to launder money and evade income taxes.

The meeting is being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

In part, that's because the existence of the meeting itself - which did not come for more than a year after it took place - was one of the most significant revelations that have been uncovered after the Russian Federation probes got underway.

A few notes, though: Browder is the US businessman behind the Magnitsky Act, which the Russian government hates.

"I have no idea", Trump Jr. said when asked who had called. Not just because he was passing on a chance to be a hero to his dad, but also because he would have surely faced his wrath if he had unilaterally chose to keep him in the dark (much like if he had never told him about the Playboy Playmate golfing offer).

The transcripts provide a timeline of the days leading up to the meeting as well as misgivings about the appropriateness of a Russian lawyer meeting with a US presidential campaign.

"In the call at the end, [I said] that I believed it was a bad idea and that we shouldn't do it", Goldstone said. And I gave the reason for that being that I'm a music publicist. Days earlier, according to an email released by the committee, Goldstone wrote in an email that Trump lawyers were anxious about how disclosures about it would look.

The Agalarovs had bonded with the Trumps during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

Among the documents released on Wednesday were transcripts of closed-door interviews with Goldstone, and other participants in the Trump Tower meeting, including Trump Jr., Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian-American lobbyist, and Ike Kavaladze, a us -based Agalarov representative.

"Every billionaire who comes to Moscow wants to meet with Putin and a lot of them don't get the chance", Mr McFaul said.

In an undated chain of text messages, Goldstone told Emin Agalarov that he was besieged by inquiries from journalists about the meeting and that he was trying to keep the Agalarovs' names out of his interviews. He wrote that Agalarov hoped the document would be delivered to "the appropriate team". "Have you been watching the news!"

"It's a really potentially serious situation - so you and your father should be aware", Goldstone added in the email.