WhatsApp Groups Improved With New Features

  • WhatsApp Groups Improved With New Features

WhatsApp Groups Improved With New Features

The description will be shared with each new member of the WhatsApp group chat - allowing those having a discussion to stay on topic.

For group members catching up after being away from the conversation, a new catch-up option helps recap what you've missed.

Messaging service WhatsApp rolled out new group-chat features on Tuesday, including more controls for administrators as well as regular group members.

WhatsApp has been pretty busy this year, rolling out with new features frequently.

Group description: Now, WhatsApp will give description more prominence so that any new member to the WhatsApp Group understands the objective of the group.

While these changes to WhatsApp group chat have generally been well-received, there have been some actions from the company in the past few months that have drawn the ire of a significant population in India.

An extra protection is now available for users as well so that they can't be repeatedly added to groups they have left. This is important since people have abused this severally where you leave a Group chat and you are added back, which can be annoying.

Hopefully the issues with WhatsApp group chat and the unpopular shutdown of legitimate chat rooms is addressed moving forward, but overall the implementation of the features seems to be a positive change that will continue ushering the app forward into a more modern experience that can continue to outclass the competition. Also called "group catch up", the feature lets users find those messages in which they have been mentioned, or those messages that reply to them. At one time, Facebook said there were over a billion groups on WhatsApp, which was as numerous as the number of active users on the platform.

WhatsApp has also started giving more control to group admins. Administrators can revoke admin permissions and also prevent the group's creator from being removed from the group. New settings will now allow admins to restrict who can change the group's icon, subject, and description. You can simply search for any participant by going to the "Group Info" page. At the same time group creators can not be removed from the group they have started.