Hamilton wants to win title with 'perfect' weekends

  • Hamilton wants to win title with 'perfect' weekends

Hamilton wants to win title with 'perfect' weekends

On the face of it, Lewis Hamilton not only won in Barcelona - his second victory on the trot - but thrashed the opposition, pulling the trousers down of not only his team-mate Valtteri Bottas, whom he beat by over twenty-seconds, but his title-rival Sebastian Vettel, too.

Now 17 points clear of Vettel after five races, he has some margin of comfort and pointed out that even in races where he has not had a great afternoon this season he has still managed to bank solid points. The season so far has been positive for us.

Hamilton's gallop around the Circuit de Catalunya was a return to the Hamilton of old.

The next race in Monaco could bring it straight back down to earth, a situation that team boss Toto Wolff said left him feeling "bloody worried".

And Hamilton's caution is understandable. But the German marque struggled a year ago in Monaco, with Ferrari sweeping to a one-two finish. While it was Ferrari dominating Q1 and Q2, the team bagged pole where it mattered the most which was in Q3.

It was the first time Mercedes showed the type of dominance many fans had grown used to seeing from the Silver Arrows in recent years. One, we were not quick enough and if we are not able to see then we are more than blind.

Those rumours gained traction once Hamilton and Bottas crossed the line to score Mercedes' first one-two of the year while Scuderia Ferrari, masters of tyre management so far this season, struggled to a best of fourth place for the two-stopping Vettel.

Valtteri Bottas delivered the result that was expected of him today. The Finn, however, has responded strongly to that reproval. The safety vehicle was brought out to move the stricken cars. He then delivered a decent showing to finish second on Sunday. They are Lewis, Valtteri and the Mercedes young drivers. That news will strike a hammer blow to Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo who is interested in teaming up with Hamilton at Mercedes next term. "You look back and you understand what is missing in the preparation to the race, or this race, or the next races". He has zero points in 2018. Kevin Magnussen in the Haas finished in P6 behind Ricciardo.

The incident also gained Grosjean a three-place grid penalty for the next race, at Monaco, no less. Silverstone hosted the first grand prix back in 1950, and F1 felt it would be fitting for the Northamptonshire airfield to host next year's landmark race, too, meaning the event would move from its July slot to April.

"I've said many times this team is strong and we have a lot of potential, but we also need to make sure we address the problems that we have and work together in the same direction".

"People probably think it was an easy race and I was cruising but I wasn't cruising".