Abuse, torture alleged in 10-kid Fairfield family

  • Abuse, torture alleged in 10-kid Fairfield family

Abuse, torture alleged in 10-kid Fairfield family

Since then, investigators say they discovered the children had been tortured for "sadistic purposes".

Police arrested Jonathan Allen (Jonathan Allen) and Eli Rogers (Ina Rogers) for cruelty to children. As a result of the investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for the father of the children.

Their case came to light in January after their 17-year-old daughter escaped the home and alerted authorities in Perris, California.

Rogers, who is now out of jail after posting $10,000 bail, talked to the reporters about the seizure of her 10 children.

According to ABC News, Rogers said she was first pregnant at 16-years-old and has since had 11 children, eight of whom are with Allen.

Police reached the same house and after entering found that 9 children ranging from age 4 months to 11 years were inside and living in extremely unsafe and unhygienic conditions. "I strive, I thrive on being a good parent to my children", Rogers added.

He says officers found spoiled food on the floor and animal and human feces when they removed 10 children from the home in March.

"So objects were obviously moved while conducting that search but that was not the basis for the charges regarding the environment the children were in though", Hurlbut said. The 12-year-old son was found and returned to the home, but police found nine more kids in a home they described as filthy.

He says 29-year-old father Jonathan Allen faces nine counts of felony torture and 30-year-old mother Ina Rogers faces child neglect charges.

On Monday, Rogers, who was out after posting $10,000 bail according to the Associated Press, gave reporters a tour of her four-bedroom house.

With the assistance of Child Welfare Services and the Solano County District Attorney's Office, detectives with the Fairfield Police Department's Family Violence Unit initiated an investigation. She says accusations that her ten children have been tortured are "ludicrous".

Children complained of burns, bruises and injuries that are similar to the traces from the pneumatic weapon, said Lieutenant Greg Hurlbut.

Peggy Allen, Jonathan's mother, claimed that she told Ina a couple of times that she needs to clean her house.

She explains the mess, that fear set in that my son may be missing, so I ripped up my whole house, lifted up their beds.

Toys and other items are strewn around one of the rooms of a home on May 14, 2018, where authorities removed 10 children and arrested their parents in Fairfield, Calif. Authorities removed the children living at the home on March 31 and placed them in protective custody after one of them ran away. "I am an awesome mother", she told reporters from her doorstep Monday.

"This is absolutely appalling", Rogers said. "I walk my dog at least twice a day, and my wife works out of our house", he said.