Woman says United Airlines kicked her off flight for being 'pungent'

  • Woman says United Airlines kicked her off flight for being 'pungent'

Woman says United Airlines kicked her off flight for being 'pungent'

A Nigerian mother, along with her children, was kicked off a United Airlines flight in Houston, after a passenger repeatedly complained about a "pungent odor" seemingly coming from the woman.

Queen Obioma and her two children had already completed the longest leg of their trip from Lagos to Ontario in March 2016 when she says United Airlines singled her out for her race. After a flight attendant did not fix the conflict whilst the man proceeded to deny to go on to his own assigned seat, Obioma chose to take his own spot.

Obioma, appalled at the situation, requested to have her children deplane as well so the family could be together. The suit claims the woman was taking her children to school in Canada, and United's decision caused them to miss important appointments. The lawsuit says she let the white male know he was sitting in the wrong seat only to be ignored. When the passenger refused to give up the seat, Obioma was asked to sit elsewhere. At that point, the flight attendant should have taken measures against the man since he was blocking another passenger's seat. Obioma said she was met by another employee who informed her that she was not allowed back on the plane because the pilot received a complaint from the man sitting near her that she smelled "pungent". "Her mind went blank and she was utterly befuddled", according to the complaint.

Ms. Obioma watched her minor children marched out of the aircraft like criminals, confused and perplexed ...

"Continue. Get my good side", replied Lolade Siyonbola who also gave responding police officers a headache while they tried to verify her identity. While Obioma was putting her luggage in the overhead compartment, she saw the man get up and go to the cockpit of the plane.

The man reportedly told the pilot that he was not comfortable flying with her.

Then in July, a passenger had to hold her 2-year-old son in her lap for four hours because the airline had sold his seat to a standby passenger.

Obioma's lawsuit claims that she was discriminated against intentionally, and that this was nothing more than a hate crime due to her being of African descent.

The suit states the events were racially motivated, saying that United "wrongfully singled out Ms. Obioma and her children because they were blacks and punished them publicly because a white man did not want them on the plane". When asked about the lawsuit, United Airlines refused to comment.

"We have not yet been served on this specific lawsuit and thanks to this pending litigation involved within this thing, we're powerless to offer additional comment", spokesman for the airline stated, at a e-mailed statement.