Iran Vows To Restart Nuclear Program On Industrial Scale

"America can not do a damn thing". Iran's regional ambitions and its missile program were two of the other major sticking points in dealing with Iran.

The anti-nuclear deal lobby in Washington which now rules the USA led by Trump has clearly indicated that they don't trust Iran. "We die. We don't surrender", in streets festooned with anti-U.S. and anti-Israeli banners and posters.

President Hassan Rouhani addresses the nation in a televised speech in Tehran, Iran.

The leader of the right wing BJP party, who is reportedly considering early general elections by the end of this year, will face several economic challenges in light of Trump's decision to renege on the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), concludes a report by the American think tank Brookings.

The lifting of economic sanctions under the deal was created to boost the Iranian economy, allowing the country "to flourish on the regional and worldwide stage", prompting Saudi concern.

President Donald Trump's national security adviser said the US could impose sanctions on its European allies if they continue to deal with Iran under the nuclear deal.

European governments tried for months to persuade Trump to stick with the deal but failed, and now fear it will raise the risk of conflict in the region.

The meeting, which will also be attended by the German and French foreign ministers, has been convened by European Union high representative for foreign affairs Federica Mogherini.

"It's time that European countries opened their eyes", Mr Le Maire said on Europe 1 radio.

"Trump's unwise move is a stain on [the record of] U.S. authorities and shows their hegemonic temperament, and the flames of such behavior could spread to other nations and governments if it is not controlled by global circles, intellectuals and the public opinion in the USA", the statement also read. France's Foreign Ministry, in addition, vowed that Europe would fight new U.S. anti-Iranian sanctions.

"This is a serious event".

Can the Germans and French inform us of their vision of a solution to what Iran is doing in Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Yemen? "The inspectors say nothing", she said.

Raddatz asked if moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would make it harder or easier to achieve a peace deal between Israel and Palestinians, who want east Jerusalem as their capital.

For now, this splits the US and its major European allies and exacerbates tensions with China and Russian Federation, who also joined the 2015 Iran deal.

An Iranian rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights prompted an Israel attack Thursday on Iranian targets in Syria.

Germany and France said they would seek to shield European companies from US sanctions, which would prohibit companies that do business in Iran from using the USA financial system.

Since JCPOA does not permit inspection of military sites, it is absurd to accept that Iran is not building nuclear weapons.

To end the call, May and Trump said they were "looking forward to the USA president's visit to the July".

So far, China, France, Russia, Britain, the European Union and Iran remain in the accord, which placed controls on Iran's nuclear program and led to a relaxation of USA economic sanctions against Iran and companies doing business there. Such a move violates the JCPOA and signals USA withdrawal from the agreement.

The two leaders agreed for their teams to hold discussions on the potential impact of USA sanctions on firms doing business in Iran. Trump's most significant and freakish foreign policy decision to date has put him at loggerheads with America's key European allies as the leaders of Britain, France and Germany quickly issued a joint statement expressing "regret and concern" and pledging their "continuing commitment" to JCPOA.

While the personal backgrounds of Obama and Kerry may have shaped the success of the nuclear deal, Trump's own psychology is now determining its unraveling.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has signaled it is ready... "The answer is no", Le Maire told reporters.

The fact is that US Congress and government authorities didn't really consider the JCPPOA as an "independent phenomenon", but defined it as one of the pieces of the puzzle of "controlling and restraining the powerful Iran".

In the CNN interview, Bolton did not respond directly when asked whether Trump might seek "regime change" in Iran, or whether the US military would be ordered to make a preemptive strike against any Iranian nuclear facility.

China also signed off on the 2015 deal.