YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

However, Google also announced its "Digital Wellbeing" initiative for Android P, as a part of which it also announced a feature called "take a break" for YouTube. It also debuted a new app, Material Gallery. Ideally you will get a decision 'within 15 minutes, ' but it can take up to 48 hours before your money comes back to you from Google.

Lastly, if you have trouble sideloading the APK file, then enable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings Security menu to install the APK from the link given below. That will happen if you try to use the app beyond your set limits. If you really need in the app, you can. Note down the Order number that is sent to your mail at the time of the app or game purchase. There are still possible changes that could be made to the time limitations on the apps. The testing allows for your device to black out completely at bed time. When you search for an app in Google's search bar, you'll be shown a "slice" of a common action for that app. The Theming plugin also makes use of machine learning to make it easier for developers to identify what they should implement through smart suggestions. Navigation by gestures is confirmed! Instead of just having the three on-screen icons, you will have a lot more options. After all it is your money that you want them to refund. The new gesture-based control scheme is great, although it will be a little more complex than the standard previous setup.

While Google didn't unveil Material Design 2.0 at I/O last week, it did unveil quite a few changes to Material Design, which included more customizability and the theme engine. What we could suggest is, wait for a couple of more days. Were you aware that Google has a simple "refund process" that you can find on the Play Store?

Android P is shaping up to be one of the biggest mobile operating system updates in Google history.

"Based on our research, we know that people feel tethered to their devices", Pichai said.