Support After Margaret River Tragedy

  • Support After Margaret River Tragedy

Support After Margaret River Tragedy

They found three generations of the same family killed and recovered two firearms from the scene. Australia has had one other mass shooting since Port Arthur - the murder-suicide of a family of five in New South Wales in 2014.

Only a month ago, Ms Miles claimed on her Facebook page that: "My ex does not stop stalking me" according to The Australian. This is a service for people who may be thinking about suicide, or those who are concerned about family or friends.

Katrina's four children - Taye, Ryan, Ayre and Kadyn Cockman - were aged between eight and 13.

The farmhouse was owned by Cynda Miles and her husband Peter.

The bodies of three adults and four children and two guns were found at a rural property at the village of Osmington, Western Australia state Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said. Two firearms were located at the property.

A man called 911 at 5:15 report the murders, Dawson said, but would not identify who the caller was.

Police confirmed that all the victims were shot.

"We are devastated by this shocking event", the statement said. He said it was believed the shootings occurred "overnight". So they'll be at the property they told us yesterday for at least another four days.

"I loved them dearly", said Felicity.

Augusta-Margaret River Shire president Pam Townshend told the press conference on Saturday that counselling sessions were being set up for anyone who needed help.

"It's surreal that this is happening here in our handsome little community".

"It just seems too weird, it's a attractive sunny autumn day and here we are under these circumstances".

"It's horrific, it's sent a shock wave and the ripple effect will continue right through our community for a long time".

More recently Mr Miles had been touting for work, offering his skills doing farm maintenance and odd jobs on neighbours' properties.

Police said they have no information that would raise concerns about wider public safety, suggesting a shooter is not at large.

The commissioner said the incident had taken its toll on first responders. People I have talked to have said the family involved, they are such a well respected family within the community, you know, they never would have dreamed that something like this happens and I guess from talking to people, you know, this really has rattled the really small country town here in the south-west of WA.

Homicide detectives are now assisting police, he said, adding that there was no danger to the public.

Mr Dawson would not say who made the call but added: 'Based on what we do know, this is clearly a tragedy'.

The extended family is fully co-operating with police, while the children's father is also getting the support he needs.