How one quote set up the Rockets-Warriors clash

  • How one quote set up the Rockets-Warriors clash

How one quote set up the Rockets-Warriors clash

Including the series vs. the Spurs and Pelicans in this year's playoffs, the Warriors have won 20 out of the 32 playoff games they've played on the road since 2015. They opened with a 5-game series win over the eighth-seeded Minnesota Timberwolves and followed that up with 5-game win over the fifth-seeded Utah Jazz. We got them. Got to go out and play. "I continue to get better, continue to get my timing right, continue to get back to my normal rotations and normal minutes that I'm out there playing and hopefully we won't look back".

The Cavs, for their parts, are finals of Eastern Conference and will be facing the Boston Celtics, who just outlasted he Philadelphia 76ers, 114-112, Thursday.

"They have made it known that their team is built to beat us".

"Unhappy with the results, but happy with everybody as a whole", Mitchell said. You think James - even this James - can do better? "But that said, I really love what I'm doing and really enjoying the broadcasting". The Raptors couldn't find a way to stop LeBron James and mentally, the Raptors couldn't get past the Cavaliers as they have lost three years in a row to the them.

The Houston series may have played out differently has Rubio been able to play. He actually seems to be one of the furthest things from it.

The teams first met in 2014-15. I believe rebounding and home court advantage will eventually win out for the Rockets. "But you want it again because it's an unbelievable feeling".

The two playoff series not only include four of the top teams in the league, four of the NBA's biggest superstars will showcase their talents. Houston outscored its opponents by a league-high 8.6 points per game more than an average team after adjusting for strength of schedule, also know as the Simple Rating System. Remarkably, the four teams that played on opening night are the final four standing at the end of the season. However, Looney has earned all the playing time he's been given this year as he's jumped a couple of players in the Warriors' center rotation. Expect to see Tucker on Draymond Green often is what should be one of the nastiest slug fests we've seen these playoffs. "So, it's kind of like a relationship where you've been through so much together, there's no sense in breaking it up". But when asked what was wrong with him, Harden said he was fine. "Obviously, there's a conversation and there's a free agent market that is hard to predict". We want to win another championship and it don't matter who is in the way of that. "I'm sure all the National Basketball Association fans are excited about it, too".

The Jazz entered the game down two of their top guards, with starting point man Ricky Rubio still sidelined by a hamstring injury and key defensive reserve Dante Exum joining him with one of his own. They're always one step ahead of every organization and guard us better than anyone. "That will be the constant message throughout the summer with everybody is we'll be back".