DOT Selects Participants for Drone Testing

  • DOT Selects Participants for Drone Testing

DOT Selects Participants for Drone Testing

The business uses of drones have really accelerated in the past year.

Details were scarce, with no information on the role Intel and GE will play.

The aircraft technology is being leveraged in many innovative ways including helping real estate agents provide potential buyers with aerial views of properties, building companies using drones for site inspection, as well as the potential for retailers to soon deliver your goods to your door in an instant. Another partner is General Electric Co, Memphis said. It is said to also involve companies that intend to test drones for delivering packages, environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, pipeline oversight, and for various uses at airports. Tennessee is one of those 10 locations.

The Trump administration is going all in on drones, with help from FedEx, Alphabet and Uber.

The start by the US government a year ago which will allow for a larger scale of testing.

Businesses in the U.S. are set to gain more freedom to experiment with drones after the government have loosened regulations.

"Our country is on the verge of the most significant new development in aviation since the emergence of the jet age", Chao said at a press conference, according to CNET.

The DOT culled 10 pilot projects from 149 applications.

According to Reuters, the head of the FAA's unmanned aircraft systems integration office told a Senate panel this week that numerous projects that were not awardees "could go forward under the FAA's existing rules, including with waivers where appropriate", with the agency reaching out to those local authorities "to provide additional information on how to operationalize their proposed projects".

"While it's unfortunate the applications we were involved with were not selected, we support the administration's efforts to create a pilot programme aimed at keeping America at the forefront of aviation and drone innovation", Brian Huseman, Amazon's vice-president of public policy, said.

San Diego's program will include projects like flying medical specimens to UC San Diego for expedited results, testing food delivery from restaurants to consumers with Uber, and enhancing public safety by deploying drones in advance of first responders.

Their main priorities will include night operations, package delivery, flights over people and long distance flights beyond the pilot's line of sight.

The data collected from the pilot projects will go toward forming new regulations to "safely integrate drones into our national airspace".

The governments hosting the pilot projects are San Diego; North Carolina; Topeka, Kan.; Reno, Nev.; Fairbanks, Alaska; the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma; Virginia; North Dakota; Memphis; and Lee County Mosquito Control District in Florida. Myers, Fla.; and the Memphis airport. Also including North Carolina's Department of Transportation. As for the big names, FedEx is working with Intel and the Memphis airport to use drones for the delivery of aircraft parts and to perform safety inspections, and Alphabet's Project Wing drones will take flight in Virginia to test drone deliveries to consumers.